Keisuke Kanno, DPT, CSCS



K2 is originally from Gumma, Japan.  K2 graduated from Keio University in Japan with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry. After his arrival in the United States, he earned his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Duke University Graduate School and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Duke University Medical School.

K2 has worked for several years as a Physical Therapist and personal trainer for Indy Car drivers, traveling with racing teams to major cities in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Japan.

K2 has been a physical therapist since 1999 and joined the Fischer Institute in 2002.  During his 11 years at Fischer, K2 has worked with a wide range of patients with orthopedic pathology.  He has also worked with many professional athletes, including MLB and NFL players, and professional baseball players from his home country, Japan.

K2 practices functional therapy with an emphasis of manual treatment and strives to make patient rehabilitation sessions as personalized, effect, and fun as possible.  He has also hosted many seminars for therapists, trainers, and university students visiting from Japan, educating them about physical therapy, sports medicine, and his own professional career pathway.

K2 plays baseball in a mens adult baseball league, and enjoys mountain biking.

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