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The pups are back in AZ! You can follow their adventures Cali and Doc ...

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DAPA Academy at the Fischer Institute! The best in overall Volleyball training! ...

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DAPA Academy, the newest and biggest hit in functional Volleyball Training in the US! Located at the Fischer Institute !

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Fischer Institute shared Muscle Milk's video. ...

Failure isn’t an end—it’s an opportunity. #strongereveryday

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Fischer Institute shared 堅持綱綱好的世界's photo. ...

有朋自遠方來 ~ Brett Fischer 雖然你的行程滿滿,但還是能在短短的午餐時光裡,關心著彼此的狀況,真的是令人愉悅一件事啊 ~ 在這分享一個小故事,在今年一月到了費雪做復健和訓練時,當第一天踏進費雪時,Brett 看著我,心想 ... " 怎麼會有一位樂團的吉他手來我這啊…" 因為當時我的頭髮很長。這是在後來準備要回台灣前一起約了吃頓晚餐時他自己說的,當時在場的人都大笑 !! A friend from the other side of the world Brett Fischer Although your schedule was packed for this short stop in Taiwan, I am glad that we could still manage to sit down for a quick lunch. I cherished and enjoyed the great time with you. This really has made me a day!! Let me share a story~ Early this year, I visited Fischer Institute for rehab and training in Arizona. When I first walked into Fischer Institute, Brett looked at me and thought ... "What is this guitarist doing in my place ??? “ Cuz I was with long hair , So he told us about his first impression of me when we had dinner together right before we took off, Of course, everyone on the table laughed our heads off!! Fischer Institute 學善物理治療體系 Thank you Brett !!

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