Quinn is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona, and now the proud Official Sports Therapist of the Birdgang. These are the biggest diehard Cardinal fans.  Quinn is very passionate about helping everyone recover the fastest and safest way possible.  He uses many advanced massage techniques, including the rarely practiced Russian Sports Massage.  This modality is only taught in four massage schools in the entire country and one of the best maintenance techniques for anyone with a variety of muscular issues from muscle tightness to pulled muscle groups.  It doesn’t require a lot of pressure and uses a certain modality formula to move up the Lymphatic system and at the same time bring new blood and nutrients to that specific muscle group. Quinn is also certified in Thai Yoga Massage, where the client is on a mat or table and the therapist uses deep powerful stretches to help give the client a broader range of motion as compared to traditional stretching.

Since graduating from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2013, Quinn has already worked with several professional athletes from the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, San Diego Padres, and currently works as an intern with the Cleveland Indians. He also works many sporting events in the city of Phoenix including the annual Arizona Ironman, and the Fischer Institute NFL Combine Training Program.  Quinn also works many charitable events in the city including working with the American Diabetes Association with their annual Tour De Cure and Team Diabetes in the PF Changs Marathon massaging bickers, runners, and walkers helping raise money to help find a cure for diabetes.

Quinn received his Bachelors in Wellness Management from Black Hills State University in 2010 and became a Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2013 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This has allowed Quinn to really look and work each muscle group and the surrounding areas to help find the cause of dysfunction. From ASMT, Quinn also achieved the Perfect Attendance award and the High Five Award, which is given to therapists performing 5 massage sessions per shift for 21 shifts. Quinn’s future plans include attending AT Still University to further his knowledge in Sports Rehabilitation to help everyone be one step closer to recovering faster.

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