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Alex Sandoval

Born in Santa Fe, but has lived here for 33 years
Firefighter with the City of Phoenix

The injury occurred during a training exercise at work. It was a self rescue exercise while repelling on a rope. I simply just over stained my leg and knee while lifting myself up on the rope. Prior to working with Fischer and getting surgery, I was having daily pain and even getting on and off the Fire Truck was hard and painful. 

Fischer has always made a positive impact on my health and injuries, with this injury, he and his team focused on getting me stronger prior to surgery to help with the recovery process and with post surgery they already had had plan in place to get me back up and going.

I think my favorite part about coming to Fischer is the environment that Brett and the employees create, It is very relaxing, everyone is very friendly while joking with each other, but still very professional. You get the sense that people getting work on now that they are getting the best care possible for their recovery.

I am most excited about just getting back to doing my regular routine at home and at work.

– Alex Sandoval 

Referral Program 

Fischer also has a referral program in effect.  Receive a gift card for each person you refer to us after the completion of their first visit. Just have them give us your name when they book their first appointment.

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