Our massage team employs specialty techniques to better serve our patients



Russian Sports Massage

2-1 maintenance technique used primarily on off days and after competitions. Using a protocol to stimulate and sedate the muscle system, it’s used to work a certain body section at a time by moving along the lymphatic system, and at the same time, helps bring new blood and nutrients that affected area.

Advanced Sports Massage for the Triathlete

Specific techniques geared toward anyone who bikes, runs, and/or swims.   Advanced stretches for the upper and lower body along with using special tools to loosen tight muscles. This can be done on off days and after competition or practice.

Medical Massage/Injury Massage

Medical techniques to work specific parts of the body and great for helping to recover from injury.

Structural Integration

This is perfect for anyone who has postural imbalances. Moves along the facia lines depending on which areas are the tightest.

Trigger Point Therapy

Not quite like dry needling but using our hands to palpate areas of muscles that are tight, and also helps release those highly irritable spots and any tension from muscle groups bound together.

Lymphatic Drainage

A light technique using hands to simply move up the lymphatic system and put extra emphasis on the major lymphatic nodes to help extra junk flush out of the body quicker.

Deep Tissue

A great technique for clients who like deep work. This helps to really separate tight muscles (used depending on client’s tolerance level).

Thai Yoga Massage

Great technique for anyone—especially athletes—who want a deep stretch session to really help loosen muscles. We also offer other advanced Thai techniques to incorporate your session:

  1. Pre Natal Thai Yoga- Uses not only regular massage techniques, but also light stretches to really help take the stress off of expecting mothers.
  2. Thai Foot Massage- Uses the foot on the limbs of the body particular to the arms and legs to really help break up scar tissue and bring new blood and nutrients to that affected area.
  3. Back Walking- Used with both feet or just one, this techniques is used on clients who want a really deep massage and to really manipulate muscles in order to release both upper back and lower back.


A modality used on the hands and feet to work with all the organs in the human body to help help flush toxins out faster.

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