Quinn is a Licensed Sports Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona, and is very passionate about helping everyone recover the fastest and safest way possible. He has developed the highly unique Schoenewld System that no one else in Arizona has. The major component of the System is CORE Myofacial Therapy. Each technique in the Therapy targets a specific part of the body. For example, Myofacial Spreading is the primary technique to help improve the body’s overall postural alignment. Arthrokinetic Joint Manipulation can be applied to the major joints of the arms and legs, that improve tone and elasticity of the skeletal ligaments of the joint. This System has allowed Quinn to be the first massage therapist from Arizona to become apart of the International XPE CORE Sports Bodywork Team, that will be working on elite college, professional, and Olympic athletes.

Since graduating from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2013, Quinn has worked with Olympic and professional athletes from the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, UFC, San Diego Padres, and Detroit Tigers. He also had the honor of working with the Pittsburgh Pirates, providing pre game sports massage to the players at Chase Field. In addition, he also been accepted to work the 2018 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and has been invited to work on the athletes in his home state at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Besides working many sporting events in the city of Phoenix including Arizona Ironman and the Fischer Institute NFL Combine Training Program, Quinn also works many charitable events in the city.

Quinn received his Bachelors in Wellness Management from Black Hills State University in 2010 and became a Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2013 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He continues to obtain advanced training to strengthen his System.

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