Freezing Rumchata - Myth or Marvel

Can You Put Rumchata In The Freezer? – Frozen Delight or Fridge Fiasco

The Rumchata is a bottle which is made from rum cream recipe. While making rum cream recipe, you need coconut, vanilla, chocolate and other flavors.

If you’re a fan of creamy liqueurs, you might be familiar with Rumchata, a delightful blend of rum, cream, and various flavors like coconut, vanilla, and chocolate. But have you ever wondered about the best way to store this delicious drink? Find out if you can put Rumchata in the freezer here.

The Rumchata bottle comes in different colors such as white and gold but the capped of the Rumchata bottle usually comes in gold color. If you want to mix Rumchata and coke so you can mix it in a glass which filled with lime juice, Add Rumchata top with Coca Cola.

The taste of the Rumchata is delicious, and it tastes like Baileys Irish cream, which is dairy cream that produced in Ireland. If you’re interested in exploring other iconic beverages from around the world, you might enjoy our article on the most iconic traditional drinks.

Can You Put Rumchata In The Freezer

Suppose you have kept Rumchata at room temperature so it will never go bad just like other foods. If you store Rumchata at room temperature, it will be safe for one year but once you have opened the bottle of Rumchata so it may lose flavor taste and their taste may not be like fresher one. The reason why they did not spoil at room temperature it’s because of homogenized with the rum.

It’s not recommended to put the Rummchata in the fridge. If you have already put them in the refrigerator directly take out the bottled from the fridge and keep them at room temperature.

If you want to pour the Rumchata into the ice cube tray so you can but make sure to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I would personally avoid keeping the Rumchata in the fridge because they have cream otherwise if you want to keep Rumchatta in the fridge it will be fine.

Can You Put Rumchata In The Freezer

How long does Rumchata last after & before opening

It doesn’t mean that if you have opened/unopened Rumchata, it will become spoiled one year and not suitable for a drink, but it may change their taste and quality. The quality will not drop overnight, but it will start time by time. If you have opened Rumchata, it will last one year, and after that, it may lose its quality and taste.

If you have unopened Rumchata, it will last for several years, but it would be better to use them as soon as possible for better quality and good taste.

How to recognize spoiled Rumchata

It depends on the bottle condition. If you think about recognizing bad Rumchuta of unopened bottled, you don’t need to worry about once you checked the bottle, and everything is perfect, so you should go for an unopened one. It’s completely safe.

Maybe you are confused about recognizing bad Rumchata if you have opened a bottle. Here are the few signs that you need to check before buying.

How to tell if an unopened Rumchata is bad

How to tell if an unopened Rumchata is bad

Bad Taste:

First of all, you need to check the unopened bottle taste. If it’s bad, you should discard them.


Do you know it’s the best option to check every food they are bad or good? If you feel any lousy taste discard them.


If you feel that the color changed and there is some growth inside the bottle, Discard them.

Do you have spoiled Rumchata and you can’t go to the store to buy it right now? Here is how to make homemade Rumchata.

How to make homemade Rumchata

If you want to prepared homemade Rumchata so it may take your 50 minutes, but if you don’t have time, I will recommend buying it from the store to save your precious time.


  1. Two cinnamon sticks
  2. One cup of white rice flour
  3. Milk (a half-gallon)
  4. condensed milk (2 cans)
  5. Vanilla extract ice cubes (4 teaspoons)
  6. Ground cinnamon according to your needs


  • Make sure you have all the above ingredients. First of all, take a large pot, pour the whole milk on it, and add cinnamon sticks.
  • Remove the milk from the heat and bring it to simmer, Now take a large bowl and add rice flour, vanilla, and condensed milk. Make sure to whisk them well.
  • Cool it on the fridge for 30 minutes using low temperature. If you want thicker horchata, then cool it for a long time as you can.
  • Remove it from the fridge and strain the mixture into the pitcher to remove the rice flour rice cluster.
  • Take the ice glassed and filled it with horchata, Now add rum to taste.
  • Stir it and garnish with ground cinnamon.

How to drink Rumchata

How to drink Rumchata

1. Mix Rumchata with other alcoholic drinks

If you want a spicy drink, then take Rumchata and cinnamon-flavored liqueur. Stir them together in a glass, once you know it’s solved completely, that’s it now enjoys Rumchata with a new taste.

2. Use orange liqueur

Do you want orange Creamsicle RumChata? If yes, then use orange liqueur while making the drink. If you want an orange Creamsicle RumChata drink, then take a glass and filled it with ice. Mix orange liqueur of Rumchata (1 fl oz- 2 fl oz). If you don’t have orange liqueur but want to make a similar drink, you can make this type of alcohol with orange-flavored vodka.

3. Make French kiss shots drink

If you want to make french kiss shots, then take grenadine and pour it in the bottom of the glass. Now pour the Rumchata and tequila at the top of the drink.

4. Kentucky Cocktail

Take ice, bourbon, and pour the three parts Rumchata into one part of the Boston shaker. The Boston shaker is a cocktail shaker which consists of glass and metal.

5. Fruity drink

  • Take one shot Rumchata, one banana, one ice cup, 1/2 coconut cream, and 1\2 crushed pineapple.
  • Once you take all the above ingredients, Blend all of them.
  • Garnish with a fresh sprig of min.

Can you freeze rumchata

Can you freeze rumchata

Yes, you can freeze Rumchata, but before freezing, pure the Rumchata into the ice cube tray and after that, you can use it with normal coffee over the ice cube in a glass.

Most people recommend that don’t put Rumchata in the fridge because’s company say that Rumchata doesn’t need to be refrigerated. If you have an open bottle of Rumchata, it will stay good for around six months at room temperature, so if you have the plane to consume Rumchata bottle within six months, then don’t keep it in the fridge.

Does Rumchata go bad

No, Rumchata will never go bad but ensure you are keeping your Rummchata bottle at room temperature. If you didn’t consume the open Rumchata bottle within one year, it might lose its spicy flavor, and This is why we recommend consuming Rumchata as soon as possible.

Once you opened the Rumchata bottle, it would be better to consume it within one year to enjoy its spicy taste; otherwise, if you have an unopened bottle of Rumchata, it will last for several years.

Does Rumchata go bad? I hope you don’t have any confusion about this query.

How To Serve Rumchata

How To Serve Rumchata

RumChata can be used in cocktail recipes using Baileys and other cream liqueurs, and you can serve Rumchata in your favourite cream as well. In addition to alcoholic beverages, if you want to use them in alcoholic drinks. Besides this, they can also be used for other purposes. RumChata is delicious and can be paired with ice cream or added to baked goods.

You can also mix Rumchata with these things.

  • Hot chocolate 
  • Ice cream
  • Cold-brew coffee

Related Questions

How much alcohol does RumChata have?

Rumchata alcohol contains 13.75% or 15% volume.

Can you get drunk on RumChata?

First of all, I will suggest you don’t drink Rumchata because it’s very addictive that may become a bad habit in your life. It will not get you drunk.

Can you mix RumChata with milk?

Yes, you can mix it with hot chocolate and even put it on the ice cream. If you shake it with milk and ice, it will become very delicious.

What’s the difference between horchata and RumChata?

The horchata is a drink that is also known as Semilla. It’s made from Jicaro seeds with rice and different spices such as vanilla, nuts, and cinnamon. Rumchata is a bottle made from vanilla, sugar, and dairy cream.

Why is my RumChata curdling?

If you have mixed Rumchata with high acid and citric acid, curdling will occurs. The high acid fruit is juices and too many sodas. But it will not affect the taste of the drink. If you want to prevent the cream from curdling, it would be better to use high-fat percentage cream while mix mixing with alcohol.

Final Thoughts

I think now your all confusion is clear that can you put Rumchata in the freezer? To keep your Rumchata drink fresh for many years, it would be best if you keep them at room temperature.

The unopened Rumchata will last many years, and the opened one will last one year. If you want to enjoy the excellent taste of Rumchatta, make sure to drink them as soon as possible. Which time you mostly love to drink Rumchatta? If someone asks me the same question, my answer will be different from others because I don’t Rumchatta.

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