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How to Take an Official IQ Test? – Unlocking Your Intelligence

The reasons why the general public takes IQ test assessments are actually quite varied. For instance, maybe you do it for self-discovery or self-improvement reasons, for career choice purposes, or maybe you just need to take a Wonderlic practice test and get an accurate estimation of your IQ before going through a job recruitment process. Others just take it as a sort of intellectual challenge (and want to see how they compare against others).

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Everyone is curious about their IQ. The topic of human intelligence sparks a lot of curiosity and passion in most people.

iq test

In some cases, knowing your IQ might be a strict necessity; maybe you need it as an admission requirement in a specific institution or you need it to diagnose a learning difficulty or a mental health problem.

The bad news is that an IQ assessment is not cheap, it can cost between $300 and $1000 (depending on the country you live in and the psychologist you attend)ed it to diagnose a learning difficulty or a mental health problem.

But there is some good news too. If your main drive falls within the latter categories, for instance, you feel curious about your IQ score and seeing if you are smarter (or sillier) than others, then the good news is that it might not be strictly necessary to go to a psychologist.

In these cases, the accuracy that certain online official IQ tests provide is more than enough. In addition, an online intelligence assessment will save you from the hassle of commuting to a psychologist’s office. Let’s see how and where you can exactly take an official IQ test online.

Take IQ test online? 3 sites to take one

official Iq test

After doing our research, we have found certain sites where it is possible to take an IQ test that is reliable and accurate enough. You have a set of questions to answer on these tests, and you have a set amount of time to do so. The questions are mostly logical, visual, and mathematical, aimed at testing your general reasoning ability. You don’t need to prepare in advance. So how to take an official IQ test exactly? Well, just keep reading. Here’re the best 3 ways to take an (affordable) official IQ test online.

Official IQ

Taken by thousands of test takers all over the world, this test has been mentioned and recommended by education psychologists on sites like research gate. Margarita Parra, an expert on the subject, defines this test, in her own words: ‘As a great tool If the use case of the IQ test is going to be recreational, for training and practice purposes, or to obtain a broad estimate of someone’s IQ.’

Like with any other in-person IQ test, your IQ score will be derived from comparing your intellectual performance across a series of abstract reasoning items against the performance of all the other test takers.

The price of the assessment is $22.9, which is considerably cheaper in comparison to assessments taken in person (which, as previously mentioned, can cost between $300 and $1,000). You will get the results instantly after completing checkout; they are also instant.

The sole disadvantage is that it cannot be utilized for diagnostic reasons; only exams carried out under a licensed professional’s supervision can.

Mensa IQ Test

Mensa, an organization that has created IQ tests for over 30 countries, allows anyone to request their test. To do so, one needs to contact them through their website and receive the test by email. It is a non-automated test that requires manual scoring and human revision. Results are typically provided within one to two weeks. The price of the test varies based on the country or test version requested, with a general cost range of $40 to $100.

Mensa UK IQ Test

Individuals residing in the UK, have the option to take the Mensa UK IQ Test instead. The sole dissimilarity between this and the previously mentioned test is the population sample used to create the assessment tool. Mensa UK was developed and normed using a population sample from the United Kingdom, meaning that your intellectual performance in the test will be evaluated against that of other test takers from the UK alone.

IQ Global Test: A Trusted Platform for Intelligence Assessment

This option has emerged as a reputable platform for individuals seeking to measure their cognitive abilities. As the digital realm overflows with countless IQ tests, determining which ones provide legitimate and accurate results can be challenging. However, IQ Global Test sets itself apart with its commitment to precision and integrity.

The site’s methodology draws from a robust foundation of intelligence research, ensuring that participants receive a fair evaluation of their cognitive strengths and areas for improvement. A well-structured test format, combined with questions calibrated to assess various facets of intelligence, underscores the site’s validity.

User testimonials and feedback highlight its credibility. Many individuals have recognized it as a trusted resource for personal and professional development, aiding in understanding one’s cognitive capabilities better.

In an age where instant gratification is rampant, and numerous websites claim quick results without substantial backing, this IQ test stands as a beacon of authenticity. For those serious about obtaining a genuine assessment of their intelligence quotient, this platform is undeniably a top contender.


How to Take an Official IQ Test

What is an IQ test?

An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is a standardized assessment designed to measure cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, abstract reasoning, and spatial perception.

What is the average IQ score?

The average IQ score is 100. Scores between 90 and 110 are considered to be in the average range, while scores above 130 are considered to be in the gifted range.

Why do people take IQ tests?

People take IQ tests for various reasons, including self-discovery or self-improvement, career choice, intellectual challenge, or admission requirements for certain institutions. In some cases, knowing one’s IQ score may be necessary to diagnose a learning difficulty or a mental health problem.

How can I take an official IQ test?

There are various ways to take an official IQ test, including in-person assessments with a licensed psychologist or online assessments provided by organizations such as Mensa or Official IQ

What is the cost of taking it?

The cost of taking an official IQ test can vary depending on the country, the type of assessment, and the provider. In-person assessments can cost between $300 and $1000, while online assessments can range from $22.99 to $100 depending on the organization.

Are online IQ tests accurate?

Online IQ tests can provide a general idea of one’s IQ, but they may not be as reliable and accurate as in-person assessments conducted by licensed psychologists. It is essential to choose a reputable organization with a proven track record of providing credible results.

Can it diagnose mental health problems?

While an IQ test can provide an estimate of cognitive abilities, it cannot diagnose mental health problems. A licensed professional should conduct a comprehensive psychological evaluation to diagnose mental health disorders accurately.

What should I do if I am concerned about my IQ or cognitive abilities?

If you are concerned about your IQ or cognitive abilities, it is recommended to seek a comprehensive psychological evaluation from a licensed professional. They can help diagnose any potential learning difficulties or mental health problems and provide appropriate treatment or accommodations.

Final Words

Booking an appointment with a psychologist and spending a considerable amount of money may not be the optimal choice for determining your IQ unless it is necessary for a broader medical or psychological diagnosis or evaluation.

Nevertheless, there are several online and more cost-effective options that are more or less equally credible. Although their accuracy and reliability may not be as high as in-person assessments, they can still be useful.

For instance, instead of paying $1000 for a psychologist to inform you that your IQ score is 138 when it is actually 137, you could pay $22.99 and learn that it is between 130 or 145. Even though this may not be entirely accurate, it can still provide a general idea of your IQ.


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