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6 Scholarships for Food Science and Nutrition Student: Fuel Your Education

Studying food science and notation is a great way to soon obtain an occupation in high demand. If you are interested in food science and nutrition, consider getting a degree in this dynamically growing area and getting knowledge that many companies will appreciate. Many students enroll in colleges and universities to study food science, so if you can afford education in a solid establishment, you have all chances to build a successful career. However, not all students who desire to study food science have enough funds to obtain a desired degree. In such a situation, one can apply for a scholarship program. Our article will talk more about available scholarship programs for you to consider.

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What is a scholarship in food science?

Scholarship programs in food science and nutrition are established mainly by specific colleges and universities with courses in these areas. Companies, funds, etc., provide some scholarship programs. Usually, a scholarship covers the cost of studies and, in some situations, expenses on boarding, food, books, etc. An applicant who pretends to get a scholarship must complete several specific conditions. A detailed list of requirements for a scholarship applicant can be found directly on the scholarship committee. However, one can consider the following:

  • The letter of recommendation from the previous educational establishment
  • The financial need. Pacific documents that. Approved that your family cannot afford those payments for education and the chosen college or university.
  • The primary submission that is containing your motivational letter that explains the reasons why you want to study in a particular educational establishment. The approval of your contribution to nonprofitable organizations, charity, leadership, volunteering, etc. Also, personal letters for scholarship programs usually provide applicants with professional goals, qualifications, unique abilities, etc.
  • A certain level of GPA
  • In some cases – complete an in-person interview/Zoom/phone call.

Here are several scholarships we recommend you consider:

1. Juanita West Proffitt Scholarship

This scholarship was established to generate funds for talented students studying nutrition and dietetics at ETSU. Suppose you’re planning to enter a graduate program, then you can count on USD 500 to cover the expenses of studies each year. To apply for this scholarship, a candidate should be currently enrolled in ETSU (East Tennessee State University). It is obligatory to complete a personal letter and enclose it in the application package. The letter should include the applicant’s professional goals. The GPA level of a successful applicant should obligatory be above average (non-less than 3.0).

2. Amelia G. Brown Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship is awarded each year and is available for nutrition and dietetics students at East Tennessee State University. The program was established by the well-known ETSU educator Dr. Brown. To become a candidate to apply for this scholarship program, a successful candidate should have a GPA level non less than 3.0. being a member of a student organization or social club related to nutrition would be a plus.

3. Vivian V. Rockwood Scholarship

Vivian V. Rockwood established the scholarship, and it was aimed to generate scholarships for student who was enrolled in the ETSU. The amount of $1500 is offered each year to students who are seniors in ETSU and have a minimum GPA of at least 3.5 scales. Those who pretend to get into this scholarship program should demonstrate the potential for a successful career in nutrition and food science. Moreover, if you want to become a candidate to apply for this scholarship, you should approve your financial need by providing specific documents.

4. Gerber Foundation Endowment in Pediatric Nutrition

Thanks to the Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists, USD 3,000 can be awarded to a successful candidate to study full-time or part-time. To become successful applicants, students must not only demonstrate commitment to the food science industry but also be the one who is pursuing an MS or a Ph.D. degree at an accredited program college or university.

5. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Scholarship Program

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation awards, one of the largest providers of dieting scholarships, offers an excellent opportunity for talented students interested in food science to apply for a scholarship program that lets them get an amount of USD 2,377. The scholarship program is awarded annually.

6. NMPF National Dairy Leadership Scholarship Program

The program aims to support students who are enrolled in feed dot D dot programs and want to pursue a degree in nutrition, food science, or dietetics. Please, note that this program is oriented toward students who are pursuing dairy-related fields of nutrition and are dedicated to researching the area to the fullest.


Getting a desired degree in food science is a great way to contribute to your future successful career in a chosen area of study. The dynamically growing area of food science and nutrition offers a lot to people who have talent in this sphere. Talented students can get the desired degree even without investing a large amount of money, as there are scholarship programs.

We hope that after reading our article, you know what scholarship programs are the most interesting and attention-worthy. Remember that if you face problems with a package of application documents, such as an admission essay or a letter of motivation, you can count on the help of professional writers. Online writing services are available 24/7 and ready to assist any student with different types of written tasks.

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