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Learn New Food Recipes by Watching these Cooking Shows – Cook Like a Pro

As a foodie we all love watching cooking shows and sometime it also gives us some good cooking lessons so we enjoy watching cooking shows while learning from it.

Some people like to watch cooking shows or cooking competition shows that are very interesting so we try to complied some of the best cooking shows that you can easily watch at your home.

1. MasterChef


The aim of the new television Show MASTERCHEF is to elevate one of the amateur cooks, many of whom only cook as a pastime. On MASTERCHEF, contestants will face a variety of tasks as they go head-to-head to prepare mouthwatering meals. For those from all walks of life who desire to pursue their career as a professional chef, the series will offer a special platform. These competitors will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to demonstrate their love and enthusiasm for food as their abilities and palates are put to the test in the hopes of winning MASTERCHEF.

2. The Great Food Truck Race

Since food trucks have become more prevalent in the restaurant industry over the past ten or so years, it makes sense that there should be a show that highlights these mobile eateries. It should be noted that “The Great Food Truck Race” is not just a physical race but also focuses on the business of operating a food truck as well as the actual cooking that takes place inside the vehicles. It’s intriguing to watch how the backs of trucks can be transformed into locations where high-quality gourmet meals are made, yet there is still a significant amount of focus on the cooking.

The Good news is you can watch this so shows on Discovery Plus outside USA all you have to do is subscribe to a reliable VPN and enjoy The Great Food Truck without limitations.

3. Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay

Cooking competition Show “Hell’s Kitchen” follows aspiring chefs as they chop, slice, and dice their way through each episode in an effort to catch chef Gordon Ramsay’s eye and win a prize that might change their lives.

Each week, the intensity increases as the eager hopefuls attempt to establish their qualifications. Ramsay eliminates the undesirables, keeping only those who have the necessary traits for success. In this pressure-cooker setting, the combination of his savage tongue and the inexperience of the competitors frequently results in calamity. The candidates will have to leave “Hell’s Kitchen” if they can’t handle the heat, that much is certain.

4. Iron Chef

Iron Chef is a popular cooking show that has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide. The show features a competition between two renowned chefs who have to prepare a multi-course meal using a secret ingredient revealed moments before the start of the competition. Iron Chef was originally a Japanese show, but it has been adapted into various international versions, including the famous American adaptation hosted by Alton Brown. The show’s intense atmosphere and creative dishes make it a must-watch for food lovers who want to learn new recipes and cooking techniques.

If you are a fan of Iron Chef, you may want to check out, a website that provides reviews and recommendations for cooking shows and related content. The website covers a wide range of shows, including Iron Chef, and provides detailed information on each episode, the chefs, and the recipes they prepare. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, is an excellent resource for discovering new cooking shows and expanding your culinary knowledge.

5. America’s Test Kitchen

Americas Test Kitchen

In the food competition America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation, 11 home cooks compete for the chance to not only take home the $100,000 top prize but also to succeed the current on-air chef on the PBS Show America’s Test Kitchen, which has been running since 2001. Every episode has two judges from a rotating panel of well-known Industry veterans, including Jack Bishop, Dan Souza, Julia Collin Davison, and Elle Simone Scott. Jennie Mai Jenkins serves as the show’s host.

6. Cutthroat Kitchen

The popular Cooking Show Cutthroat Kitchen ran from 2013 until 2017. Four chefs competed in the Alton Brown-hosted cooking competition show.

From season one through the fifteenth, which ended in July 2017, the chefs had to take part in an elimination cooking challenge. In August 2013, Food Network Channel Started Cutthroat Kitchen.

7. Chopped

The Cooking Competition show “Chopped” and its many offshoots have the impression of striving the hardest to be the classiest and behave more like a sport than just a game. Each episode has a special ingredient that the participants aren’t aware of until right before the competition starts, and they only have a few minutes to figure out how to incorporate it into a multi-course meal before the clock starts to run out.

8. Top Chef Masters

When it first debuted, Top Chef changed the way that food was presented on television. Although its popularity has waned in later seasons, it will always be remembered as the first cooking competition that captured our attention with its unique challenges, intriguing challenges, and exotic locations. It was Survivor for the generation that wanted to see people eat things other than bugs.

9. Good Eats

Alton Brown has no such Cooking Background, but when we watch his show, he makes us think that he got some experience in cooking. Good Eats, which oddly wasn’t located in a lab overlooking a town that didn’t appreciate his brilliance, fused usable technology with a quest for the best meals. Every episode was guaranteed to have at least a few nerdy pop culture references, obscure historical facts, or bit-part actors posing as a baker, butcher, or an ancient Greek philosopher in a supermarket giving a speech on grapes.


In conclusion, cooking shows are a great way to learn new recipes, cooking techniques, and culinary skills. They provide entertainment, education, and inspiration to viewers, making them an excellent source of information for anyone who wants to improve their cooking abilities.

In this guide, we have discussed some of the best cooking shows that you can watch to learn new recipes, including Top Chef, MasterChef, Chopped, Iron Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen. Each of these shows offers a unique perspective on cooking, with different challenges, themes, and styles of cuisine.

We hope that our guide has helped you to find a new cooking show to watch and that you will enjoy learning from the chefs and recipes featured on the show. We also encourage you to share your favorite cooking show, as we are always looking for new recommendations to add to our list. With the vast array of cooking shows available today, there is something for everyone, no matter what your cooking level or interests may be. So, happy cooking and bon appétit!

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