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The Future of Healing: Red Light Therapy Research

Flawless skin is the biggest accessory for any runway model. Well, research showed that you can achieve spotlight-ready skin by adding red light therapy to your daily skincare routine!

Its mechanism consists of using low-wavelength red lights to revive your skin conditions. The red light works on your body’s mitochondria to boost its activities which heal your skin.

Regular usage of red light therapy not only removes signs of aging but also reduces any kind of bodily pain as well as mental health conditions. It is accessible in the form of handheld wands for at-home treatments to LED beds for salon treatments. Stay with us to learn more about the different applications of RLT derived from research!

Possible Red Light Therapy Research

RLT works wonders in reducing, rejuvenating, and repairing your skin problems. It also minimizes your joint pains and takes care of your depression. Some essential research areas include: 

1. Skin Repairing

Skin Repairing

Growing a zit before a major event can be horrific. So handheld red light wands can minimize your acne and reduce any future breakouts. You just have to simply hover it over the affected spot. You can get amazing results with Platinum Therapy options from platinumtherapylights

Your acne scars can also be treated by using this technique. Other conditions like skin fibrosis can be healed as red light decreases collagen production. So your skin can naturally even out those scars.

From paper cuts to diabetic ulcers – even the most stubborn wounds can be healed with this therapy. The red light accelerates your cell activity which in turn heals your wounds.

How about eliminating hyperpigmentation? It reaches deep into your skin to reduce hyperactive melanocytes. Your skin’s self-defense ability also gets enhanced which saves you from getting future sunburns.

This technique stimulates melanin production for vitiligo and sedates inflammation for rosacea. 

In this way, you are getting more polished skin.

2. Anti-Aging Aspects

Anti-Aging Aspects

Imagine your skin clock turning anticlockwise. Just use one of those red light devices by which your skin will get an even distribution of radiation. It helps in reducing any signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. 

The red light stimulates the production of fibroblasts which causes your body to generate more collagen. Your skin achieves a better structure and strength as soon as it receives collagen. So it makes your skin more youthful-looking.

Collagen also restores your skin’s elasticity. Regular massage with red light presents you with a more lifted face. And your skin will feel more bouncy resembling a baby’s skin at the same time.

Other signs of aging include stretch marks from your postpartum or other conditions. It also improves blood flow to your stretch marks and therefore heals them. It means you do not need Botox anymore.

3. Haircare Routine

Androgenic alopecia makes people suffer by gradually lowering their hair count. It usually shatters their self-esteem when baldness comes into play. So, RLT assists these people in growing hair naturally just like before. 

Red light is shone on the hair roots which stimulates blood circulation near the surface of the scalp. This improves cell activity and brings valuable nutrients closer to the skin. So your hair follicles will get stronger resulting in lower breakage as well as greater hair growth. 

Since your scalp now gets better hydration, it causes your hair density to improve. It helps you achieve much more healthier and voluminous hair. Both men and women with bald spots can easily use this remedy. 

This therapy can also help people get rid of their scalp psoriasis. The increased blood flow reduces inflammation and helps in repairing the dry patches on your scalp.

So people can now ditch their wigs.

4. Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Panel devices along with red light therapy beds can be remedial for your muscle and joint pain. Daily usage is a natural way to soothe your pain. 

Red light therapy reduces inflammatory conditions that cause osteoarthritis joint pains in patients and improves their ability to move their knees. It also improves circulation enabling people to function without any pain.

For people suffering from Achilles tendinitis, RLT also reduces the inflammation in muscles. At the same time, it regenerates tissues to repair the surrounding tendons and skin. This allows athletes to improve their sports performance.

Dentists also recommend this process to relieve jaw pain and other dental conditions. Red light reduces inflammation mobilizing jaw movements. Bacteria buildup from dental plaque and any kind of mouth ulcer is removed using this therapy. 

Therefore, You are getting quick relief from body pains. 

5. Mental Health 

Sunlight deprivation can result in increasing levels of mental health problems in people. Red light therapy treatments include red lights mimicking the hues of sunset. This is extremely soothing to the eyesight which in turn makes your body feel more relaxed.

Therapists recommend RLT for your mood enhancements. This is because this therapy stimulates the production of melatonin in your brain. It also assists in treating insomnia, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

How about antidepressant properties that can help you to get rid of other mental health conditions? You can get rid of: 

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder

People with Rare forms of depression like Seasonal Affective Disorder have also shown major improvements under its influence. This therapy lifts up your mood by tricking your brain into forgetting about your mental disorders. 

Instant improvements in fatigue and migraine are also visible with regular use.

Hence this technique enhances your mood.

6. Neurodegenerative Diseases

Severe neurodegenerative disorders can finally be sedated with the incorporation of RLT. 

People with dementia often mix up their day and night time routines. They usually stay awake at night which disrupts their circadian rhythms. Red light therapy signals their hypothalamus to reset their cycle and therefore help them sleep. 

Dementia gradually gets more severe into Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s patients are subjected to memory loss due to a boost in their brain’s formaldehyde concentrations. The process breaks down the formaldehyde accumulation which enhances their cognitive functions. This strengthens their memory to some extent.

Again, Parkinson’s disease is a motor disorder causing shakiness, imbalance, and rigidity in patients. Dopamine levels are usually very low in these patients. Red light therapy helmets stimulate the mitochondria to increase dopamine. So the patients gradually regain their stability.

This proves that the therapy can tame extreme neuro disorders.

Bottom Line 

Red light therapy is extremely versatile in terms of the beauty industry and therapy centers. Its research purposes cover a wide variety of personal well-being sectors. So you now know the secret to achieving your desired baby skin!

To sum it up, RLT looks after your personal healthcare. It rejuvenates your skin by healing any kind of skin problems. Signs of aging can also be removed with the proper use of this therapy. 

You can also regain your luscious hair by disappearing bald spots. Moreover, you get rid of pain and lethargy. Apart from these, you are getting benefits for your mental health. It reduces anxiety and seasonal depression. Most importantly, it is remedial for people suffering from various neurological conditions. 

Therefore, you can bid adieu to Botox by making room for this simple process in your vanity! 

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