Can You Freeze Liver

Can You Freeze Liver – Long-Term Storage and Convenience

If you love to eat liver more so, you might be bought more chicken or any other animal’s liver and must cook them after the next day. But do you know storing them at room temperature may start a rotten smell?

That’s why it is essential to keep them in the fridge to extend their shelf life. If you have a small family where you, your wife, and your children live their lives, you might be afraid of cooking more chicken liver.

But sometimes housewife doesn’t know how much chicken liver will be enough for my family. For that, if you have cooked less maybe your family finished all chicken liver and still, they are hungry and can eat more.

To solve this kind of problem, you need to know that can you freeze liver? That’s why I am giving the idea to cook enough chicken liver for your family to enjoy the meal on a full abdomen.

While eating the meal, if you have leftover chicken liver, you don’t need to through them away because I will also guide you that how you can store it to keep them fresh. 

Before proceeding to the freezing chicken liver, I want to tell you that you can apply the same rules for other animals if you have right now chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, or any other animal liver. 

Can You Freeze Liver


It depends on the liver condition Like I don’t know which chicken liver you are talking about right now. Have you cooked fresh or leftover chicken liver right now? You can freeze cooked and raw chicken liver, but it may be confusing for you to store the leftover one.

You can also freeze the leftover chicken liver but keep them away from room temperature. Once you know about your family, everyone has eaten the meal directly put the leftover chicken liver in the fridge to keep them fresh for a few days. The leftover liver may rotten within one hour at room temperature. Now let’s talk about the shelf life of the liver in different situations.

How Long Does Chicken Liver Last

Are you wondering how long does chicken liver last in the fridge and without a refrigerator? Check out the below table to clarify all your confusion—the reason why they become spoiled quickly at room temperature because there is a chance of growing bacteria. It would be better if you eat chicken liver before spoiled.

Cooked/Fresh LiverAt Room Temperature In Refrigerator 35-40°FIn Freezer 0°F
Fresh Liver2 hours1-2 days4-12 months
Cooked Liver1 hour3-4 days4-12 months

How To Freeze Liver

Before freezing the chicken liver, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. It is essential to apply all the below techniques the same as I told because they will take your a couple of minutes, but I hope you could focus on these steps.

Before freezing, the things you need to require are paper towels, a freezer bag, or any airtight container. Now let’s move to the techniques of freezing your chicken liver.

1. Reduce moisture using paper towels

LIVER prep

If you bought fresh liver, they might be wet, Which we don’t need extra moisture while freezing. The moisture may lead to the growth of microorganisms and may decrease the quality of the food. Those bacteria may become spoiled our food or decrease their shelf life. That’s why we need to remove the extra moisture using paper towels; it would be better to put the livers in the paper towels for a few minutes to drain the excess liquids.

2. Slice liver into portions

If you are storing more liver in the freezer, then it’s the best option to slice them in the portion; if you don’t know how much I separate, then it’s recommended that separate your family of one meal liver in the single section. It’s beneficial to use a single potion because you can quickly thaw it according to your needs. If you put them all liver in the one portion, maybe one piece of the chicken liver is rotten, affecting the whole portion.

3. Label the each freezer bag or container

It’s the best practice to write the date on all portions; if you have put them in the freezer bag or any airtight container, label it. That would help that when I have put them in the freezer.

4. Place them in the airtight container


If you don’t have a freezer bag or airtight container, you can put them in the plastic containers but make sure they have a freezer-safe label. If you want to freeze without plastic, check out these alternatives

5. Place the liver in the freezer

Place the liver freezer bag or container in the freezer; make sure to use them within 4-12 months because, after that, they might change their texture and taste.

How Do You Defrost Chicken Livers

defrost chicken liver

It’s recommended to put them in a sink of cold water and make sure they are full of water. Leave them for 2 hours, and i am assured they will be thawed. When you know that they are half thawed, it would be better to unzip the big or close the container and put it under the water up to the zip area; after that, reseal it. It depends on the water amount it will stay under more water. It will be thawed quickly. If you think it’s confusing, then try this.

Before deforesting the liver, take the freezer bag from the fridge, leave it overnight. But I will recommend the above method because the above process will work quickly and this one takes a lot of time.

Creamy Chicken Livers Recipe

Before making the creamy chicken livers recipe, you need these items that you need to mix in the recipe.

Ingredients for this recipe
creamy chicken livers recipe ingredients
  • You need to heat olive oil and butter, onion and add garlic as well.
  • Add the chicken liver; once you know it’s brown, add red pepper, and all the bay leaves you have prepared.
  • Add the lemon juice for delicious taste.
  • Now add the cream according to the above ingredients. As I mentioned, cook them at low temperature for 15 minutes.
  • Serve it with your favorite toasted bread. All the credit for this recipe and ingredients goes to the cookpad team.

Related Questions

Can you freeze lambs liver?

You can freeze lambs liver but make sure that doesn’t keep it long in the freezer. If you are keeping them for six months, it would be best but try your best to eat them within six months for good taste. After that, it may change their taste and quality.

How many calories are in chicken livers?

The chicken liver has 94 calories, four grams of fat, and 316mg of cholesterol. But maybe in some recipe, it provides little calories because of other different kinds of ingredients mixture.

Is chicken liver good for weight loss?

The liver has a fair amount of protein; that protein will reduce hunger, which helps you lose weight.

Can we eat chicken liver daily?

The liver has many benefits for humans its recommended to eat it daily; it is enough if you are eating them at once per week that will provide all essentials nutrients to your body.

What happens if you eat too much chicken liver?

It’s not recommended to overeat chicken liver, but if you have eaten them before reading this, it may affect your health. It’s not too dangerous, but to become healthy, you need to care about your health and don’t overeat it.

Final Thoughts

That was all about can you freeze liver?, and I assure you may know that you can freeze the liver. Before freezing the liver, it is essential to check out the quality, and also it’s not spoiled.

While freezing, remove the spoiled liver piece because it may spoil the whole container or freezer bag. I have added a fantastic recipe that you should try for it a different taste.  Also, I have mentioned how you can freeze and deforest chicken liver easily.

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