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Fruit That Starts With v – Rare and Delicious

It is challenging to find out the Fruit that starts with v. It’s not easy to collect the list of Fruit starting with v because for that you need to do proper research that takes your time and energy. 

We have also written article on Fruit that starts with N and Fruit that begin with F, Kindly review it.

But you won’t be worry because I don’t want to waste your precious time, to find fruits beginning with v.

We have made a list of Fruit with the letter v, with detailed information and pictures of each Fruit.

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List Of Fruit That Starts With V

1. Valencia Orange Fruit

Valencia Orange Tree

How long do Valencia oranges last

Valencia Orange is lovely orange, and they are juicy, The reason why they are sweet it’s because of the perfect ratio of sweet-tart flavour which comes in different colours such as red, blue, red, purple etc. The juice of the Valencia Orange has an excellent taste.


The Valencia Orange is native to the united states and California but some sweet valencia orange imported from India and Santa Ana.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of Valencia Orange is Citrus sinensis ‘Valencia’.

The season for Valencia oranges:

They are known as best to beat the summer heat on summer season. They are mostly available in the summer season from March to September. 

How long do Valencia oranges last:

It depends if you have cut or whole Valencia orange.

The cut orange will last for one day in the counter and 1-2 days in the refrigerator.

The whole and fresh orange will last 2-3 weeks in the counter and 1-2 months in the refrigerator.

2. Velvet Apple Fruit

Velvet apple tree

Scientific name of velvet apple

This skin of velvet apple covered in a velvety fur which is very soft fur and has a reddish-brown and creamy colour, Mostly people compare the taste of velvet with peach. You can velvet apple easily without raw. 


The velvet apple is native to the Philippines and Taiwan.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of velvet apple is Diospyros blancoi.

Others Name Of Velvet Apple:

The velvet apple has several names. People also called it peach bloom, velvet persimmon, mabolo, mabolo, sagalat, bisbul, kamagong, and Talang.

Velvet apple tree height:

The branches of this tree gradually bend downward and upward. The height of the velvet tree is 18-33 M and furrowed trunk to 80 cm thick.

Benefits of velvet Apple:

There are many benefits of velvet apple, but here you will know about the top 5 advantages of velvet apple.

  • They reduce hypertension and relax blood vessels.
  • Velvet apple boosts the red blood cell in the human body.
  • This apple has a good amount of vitamins and minerals which boost the immune system.
  • Its also used to relieve coughs, chest congestion, and asthma.
  • They also take care of your skin to reduce the inflammation and irritation on the skin.

3. Voavanga Fruit

Citrullus Manatus

Voavanga fruit facts

This is a highly cultivated fruit worldwide, Voavanga fruit is a round fruit that is green in color having white dots. It is a species of flowering plant in the family of Rubiaceae which consists of terrestrial trees, shrubs, and lianas. The water lemon is considered the best juice for weight loss in the morning.

Actually, the scientific name of watermelon is Citrullus Lanatus that’s why I am also discussing the benefits of watermelon.


The Voavanga fruit is native to Africa.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of Voavanga fruit is Citrullus lanatus.

Health benefits of watermelon:

  • Drinking more water is very important for your health to keep your body hydrated. Watermelon has a high content of water. They contain 92% of water.
  • They are very low in calories and contains nutrients and beneficial plant compounds.
  • The compounds in the watermelon may help to prevent cancer. Watermelon has these compounds, Carotenoids, Lycopene Cucurbitacin.
  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide; Watermelon may improve heart health. Here read key facts about Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Waterlemon has vitamins A and C which are good for hair and skin.

4. Velvet Tamarind Fruit

Velvet Tamarind

Velvet tamarind scientific name

It is a tropical fruit which belongs to the family of Leguminosae, and have small size edible fruit. The leaves of the velvet tamarind fruit are used in the medical purpose for several diseases. Many people are confused that velvet tamarind is a fruit or vegetable, So it’s a fruit, not vegetable. 


The velvet tamarind fruit is native to Nigeria.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of velvet tamarind fruit is Dialium Cochinchinense.

Tree Height:

The average height of this tree is 30m.

Eating tamarind during pregnancy is good or bad:

They contain a high amount of vitamin C, which repress the production of progesterone in the body. If your progesterone level is too much low so it may not be able to carry the baby. Also maybe heavy bleeding may come and go over several days which may affect immunity.

Velvet tamarind benefits:

  • The velvet tamarind is best for the treatment of generative diseases such as diabetes.
  • They are Anti-inflammatory and help against microbial infection.
  • Velvet tamarind also treats gastric ulcers, that affect both the stomach and small intestine.
  • They also help to solve the mouth problem such as toothache which occurs from inflammation.
  • It also fights against harmful microorganisms which are dangerous for our body.

5. Vanilla Fruit

Vanilla Fruit

What family is vanilla in

Vanilla is the fruit of orchid family which widespread family of the flowering plant. The orchid is the largest family of the flowering plant all over the world. The vanilla plant has several varieties such as grapes which used in the process of making wine. The vanilla ice cream is famous all over the world.

Vanilla grows in the form of a dark brown bean pod, and it grows in tropical climates.


The vanilla is native to the South, Central America and the Caribbean.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of vanilla is Vanilla planifolia.

Where does vanilla extract come from:

As I explained above that vanilla belongs to the orchid family, So the vanilla come from tropical orchid, and more then 80% of the world’s vanilla comes from Madagascar. This is how vanilla extract used.

If you want to make homemade vanilla ice cream, then try this!

Benefits of vanilla ice cream:

  • Eating vanilla ice cream will help you to stimulate your brain and make you more intelligent.
  • If the cells in your breast go outside of your control, so vanilla ice cream is very useful to prevent breast cancer.
  • It contains a good amount of sugar which boosts your energy level.

6. Victoria Plum

Victoria Plum

Do plum trees fruit every year

The shape of the Victoria Plum fruit is just like an oval, which has a mostly similar resemblance to the egg. The ground color of it is greenish-yellow but is mostly covered with a purple color. The skin of this fruit is easy to peel, but the stone is a bit strong, which does not come off completely from the flesh.


The Victoria Plum fruit is native to Britain.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of Victoria Plum is Prunus domestica ‘Victoria’.

How long does a plum tree take to fruit:

The plum tree takes three to six years to bear fruit. To take care of Victoria Plum, you need to give him water twice in a week. It depends on whether condition if the weather is rainy so you need to check the root that it’s dry or wet. Make sure to keep away these things from the trunk, e.g. bark chips, sugar cane, and pea.

7. Velvet Pink Banana

Velvet Banana

What do pink bananas taste like

These are wild bananas and cultivated in greenhouses places like Australia. The plant of pink bananas are tiny, but it produces very stunning bananas that you will love to see. These bananas are edible but have too many seeds. The leaves of this plant grow up to 24 inches long.


The Velvet Pink Banana is native to northeast India and northern Myanmar.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of Velvet Pink Banana is Musa velutina.

Pink bananas taste:

The taste of the pink bananas is delightful, with a slight tang to it.

Pink banana tree height:

This plant is evergreen, and the height of the pink banana usually reaches around 5-8 feet and the width 3-5 feet. The hair in the small bananas are pink fuzzy, velvety hairs, and it comes approximately 3 inches long.

Where do pink bananas grow:

It would be better if you grow the plant of pink banana at a temperature of 20°-24 °C (68 to 75.2F) with natural light. The average time of the geminating will be six months.

8. Vine Grapes

What is the best fertilizer for grape vines

Grapevine is a climbing plant that naturally grown on trees and bushes, The shape of this tree is wide, and the growth of this plant maintain with pruning. Pruning is the method to remove the branches, buds, or root of the plant. This plant has an underground and above-ground part.


The vine grape is native to Central Europe and southwestern Asia, from Morocco and Portugal north to southern Germany and east to northern Iran.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of vine grapes is Vitis vinifera.

How long before a grapevine produces grapes:

Generally, a grapevine growing in the garden, Which usually takes three years to produce grapes.

Do grapes grow on trees or vines:

The grapes grow on the vines, But there is one wonderful tree in the world that grows in the tree that makes a chain for improving.

Benefits of eating grapes at night:

The grapes contain the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, So if we eat grapes as our daily diet, It will help boost the natural week cycle in your body. If you are eating grapes every night, this will easily allow you to sleep faster every night.

9. Vogelbeere


What happens if you eat rowan berries

They are tiny in size and are always referred to as berries, But if we talk about a true berry, it’s a simple fruit produced from a single ovary. They are useful for making a tart jam. Rowan berries are also edible and rich in vitamin C. The rowan family belongs to the Rosaceae family.


The Vogelbeere is native to the Northern Hemisphere.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of Vogelbeere is Sorbus aucuparia. The Sorbus aucuparia is also called rowan berries.

Height of rowan tree:

If you have a rowan tree and think it’s mature, then the tree’s height will grow 15m in height, and also, they can live up to 200 years. The leaf buds of this tree are purple and hairy.

How quickly does a rowan tree grow:

If you want to grow a rowan tree fast, it would be better to keep it open sunny area and take care that they are handling some shade. The color of the berries will be best if they are getting sunlight. These trees usually grow up to six meters tall, But it will take 10-20 years to reach this height.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the fruit that starts with v. This article is written on research-based. I have checked many websites. They have just reviewed five fruit beginning with v. I tried to do something different and explain each fruit in detail.

I have explained ten fruit that start with v, but if you think we have missed your favorite fruit with the letter v, drop the comments. We will add them and update our article.

Which flavor do you love to eat with vanilla ice cream? If you are a strawberry lover, read these things about strawberries.

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