How long do strawberries last in the fridge

How Long Do Strawberries Last In The Fridge – Preserve the Freshness

Strawberries are the most famous food for summer, winter, and every weather season available worldwide. The taste of the Strawberriesis very sweet because it’s made from the combination of fruity, caramel, spice. The strawberries’ shape is just like a heart, and it comes in two sizes, Short and Long.

The short conic strawberries have 0.9 lengths and 1.1 widths, and the long strawberries have 1.2 length and 1.4 widths. It’s easy to store a few strawberries for long-lasting, but it’s difficult for everyone to store many Strawberries crates and make it long-lasting. Here are more details using flats about strawberries.

Are you confused that how long do strawberries last in the fridge? If Yes!

Then this article will help you clarify your confusion about Strawberries lasting, how to store it, the shelf life of strawberries, and it’s benefits.

Before ending the introduction section, I want to tell you one fact about strawberry that many people ask about, Is a strawberry a fruit or a vegetable? It’s technically a fruit because the strawberries’ fleshy part is not derived from the plant’s ovaries.

How Long Do Strawberries Last In The Fridge

The fresh whole opened and unopened Strawberries last up to 1-2 days in the counter, 5-7 days in the refrigerator, and 6-8 months in the freezer. The fresh-cut Strawberries last up to 1 day in the counter, 1-3 days in the refrigerator, and 3-4 months in the freezer. 


Does it also depend on purchasing the Strawbery, how is the condition, is it old or new? Yeah, it depends, and you need to know about these two words, “New” and “Old.”

Maybe in the Strawbery store, they tell you that it’s fresh but don’t trust anyone. Check them in your hands properly and follow these simple steps to pick up the fresh strawberry.

It’s very important to identify fresh strawberries while purchasing. Follow these simple steps if you are confused that how to buy strawberries.

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How To Buy Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries

1. Smell The Strawberries

Before purchasing the Strawbery in any store, first of all, smell the strawberry. If you feel that they have a sweet smell, it means you should go for it otherwise. If the smile is cheesy and unpleasant, you shouldn’t go for it. It’s recommended to buy the Strawbery from local stores in a supermarket because supermarkets have fresh fruits, and it’s best for strawberry juice.

2. Look At The Green Leaves

Before picking the Strawberry, also check out the leaves of the berries. If you found the berries that have fresh green leaves, it means it’s fresh. It would be best if you bought it.

3. Size Doesn’t Matter

Many people confused that which one is better to choose, small, medium, or large? I am writing this point on researched-based many people saying that choose medium-size berries instead of the large one because there are many complaints that larger berries sometimes hollow from the inside. Maybe it’s full of water, which may be ruined the taste of strawberry.

Many professionals are saying that smaller berries are sweet, and bigger berries are delicious too. Now I leave everything on you which one you want to select. Still, if you are buying strawberries for kids and your family has more kids, it’s recommended to purchase small size because the size will be small, and berries will be more in quantity, so it will be easy to divide, and everyone will get their part.

How To Tell If Strawberries Are Bad

Strawberries are bad

The entirely good strawberries will look shiny and its smell will be sweet if you have picked the Strawbery that having wrinkled obsolete Multicolored it means it’s rotten and spoiled. There will be mold inside and outside the strawberry. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat it. If you plan to store the strawberry, it’s not right for you to purchase rotten strawberry.

If you eat rotten strawberries so maybe, you get sicks from moldy fruit. It’s only for sensitive people who have the disease before eating the spoiled strawberry. Don’t eat ruined strawberry because it may also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other food poisoning symptoms.

How To Take Care Of Strawberry Plants in Pots

Many plants grow in a container, but it isn’t easy to increase the growth without taking care of it. Follow these steps for growing strawberries in containers.

  • Prepare the plant and start seedling in tiny pots approximately 3-4 inches. Make sure that to place one or two plants in the container.
  • Add soil to the container tightly, so your plant never falls.
  • Make sure that the stem and roots of the plants are just above the soil surface.
  • Place the container in such a place where they receive the sun’s light 6-8 hours a day.
  • When you know that soils are dry, then water your strawberries plants. Don’t remain dry for a few, and keep adding the water once it dry.
  • Provide winter protection to the container because of some container cracks due to high freezing temperature.

How To Eat Strawberry Guava Fruit

The strawberry guava fruits are edible, and the leaves of strawberry guava are bark and glossy. The strawberry guava tree takes 2-4 years to bear fruit and usually reaches up to 15-20 feet. The fruit of the Strawberry Guava can be eaten right off the shrub, and its seeds are not edible.

Many people are confused about which guava is best. The guava comes in different colors like red, white, and pink. Pink guava is best. It will give you good feelings while drinking because it has more sugar, starch, Vitamin C, and more seed.

How Do You Make Strawberries Last Longer in The Refrigerator

If you had brought the strawberries from the store to home, but you don’t have any plan to eat them right now, you can easily make those strawberries long-lasting by just storing them in the refrigerator. It will help you keep your strawberry fresh and keep the berries away from moisture and becoming dry.

It’s possible if you have vinegar and water at your home. Probably you will have these two things at your home that keep your berries fresh and make them long-lasting.

I was not expecting this that trick will work, but I have read the reviewed different peoples they are talking about that this trick works. Before proceeding to the steps, I want to tell you the tips given by Deb Thomas that don’t wash the strawberry using tap water because it already has some bacteria.

How To Keep Strawberries fresh

Strawberry How to Store

  • Once you purchase the strawberry at the grocery store, then the first step is to keep it fresh is to kill spores that are available in the fruits start with j, or it could be anyone. A spore is a cell that releases bacteria and transfers it to the other. So the alternative to this problem is the pH of the vinegar.
  • Place the berries in the pot and wash them with 8 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar.
  • Once you know that the berries are set on the vinegar-water bath, it will kill all the bacteria and germs that will be better to keep your berries fresh and bacteria free.
  • Wash the fruit and remove the vinegar flavor.
  • If you have thick berries, it’s recommended to dry in a salad spinner; otherwise, it should be dried on a towel if you have blackberries.
  • Put them back in the container carefully. That’s it. Now you enjoy the fresh berries and eat them for a few weeks.

How To Store Strawberries After Picking

If you don’t plan to eat the whole cotton at once, then I don’t criticize you because no one can eat the entire cotton at once per day, whether you have a high amount of family members. Maybe you decided to make different strawberry recipes every day or next-day. Did you know that storing strawberries well is the best way to keep strawberry fresh and preventing mushy and moldy problems? Yeah, that’s the reality. If you don’t know how to store strawberries, follow these simple steps.

This is thee best way to store fresh picked strawberries. Make sure you have followed these 3 rules before storing the strawberry.

3 Rules for Storing Strawberries

1. Wash Strawberries As You Go

Wash the strawberries before eating because there are two reasons that we need to wash them. The strawberry is like sponges, which is a member of the phylum Porifera. That’s why once strawberry is wet, it changes their taste and becomes spoils and mushy quickly if we store the unwashed Strawbery so it will not last long, and maybe it spoils very soon that will not be able to eat.

2. Leave The Stems On As Long As Possible

If you don’t have to eat to plan the strawberry, then leave the stem on, so it is the second rule of extending strawberries’ shelf life.

3. Don’t Let Moldy Berries In The Container

Remove Spoil Berry

If you have noticed moldy berries in the whole container, they remove it quickly as soon as possible, Either it’s just one berry or more than one. Mold spread quickly, and it can grow anywhere in the food. That’s why it’s recommended to remove the moldy berries if you remove the moldy berry late so it may ruin the whole container berries.

How To Store Fresh Picked Strawberries

1. Counter loop

This is the best way if you want to store strawberries without a fridge. It is the favorite method of many people because most people don’t have a refrigerator to make food cold. If you have a fridge in your home, maybe there is no electricity in your region, so you can’t run the fridge without electricity. There is no need to put them on the fridge if you don’t have a refrigerator right now. You can leave the strawberry at room temperature on the kitchen counter.

2. Refrigerator

Did you purchase the strawberry right now? But you don’t have any plan to eat them right now? If these two questions are in your mind, then the best way to place your strawberry in the refrigerator is to maintain the humidity and keep your berries from becoming dry. If you have a plan to eat, then you need to clean strawberries before eating.

This method is recommended if you plan to eat strawberry tomorrow; otherwise, if you have a plan to eat the strawberry within months or weeks, try this.

3. Freeze Strawberry

If you don’t plan to eat the Strawbery within the next few days, then the best way to freeze them. Make sure to remove the stems before freezing. Once you freeze your strawberries, then store in an airtight container.

Frequently Ask Questions

How long are strawberries good in the fridge?

The strawberries are good in the fridge for five to seven days but make sure that you have removed berries from the original containers. Once you removed the berries from the original container, check out all the berries and remove the moldy one. After that, store the whole berries in the closed container without being washing. 

What happens if you eat too many strawberries?

Eating too many foods can be harmful to those people who already have kidneys and stomach problems. If you have one kidney from childbirth or have a stomach problem, then don’t overeat strawberries because it may lead to vomiting, breathing difficulties, and heart palpitation.

How many strawberries can you eat a day?

It’s recommended to eat eight strawberries in a day because the strawberries’ medium size contains 45 calories, a fair amount of vitamin C, folate, and 7 grams of sugar. The folate has many functions in our body; it helps humans create new proteins and prevent anemia.


That was all about how long do strawberries last. If you don’t have time to read the whole article, then below are the final thoughts about strawberries lasting.

If you have strawberries so it may be fresh or cut, Now if you plan to eat them right now, it’s safe to eat you don’t need to store your strawberries anywhere.

But the confusion is here that how to make it long-lasting.

If you have purchase strawberries crates from many supermarkets and want to store them for long-lasting. Suppose you have a fridge, store them in the refrigerator otherwise on the counter loop.

Did your strawberries are safe after storing them properly? If it’s not safe, let us how it becomes spoiled. Kindly share your feedback so our readers will be safe from becoming strawberries ruined.

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