Find out the Edamame Shelf Life and how to store it

How Long Does Edamame Last in The Fridge? – From Crunchy to Mushy

Edamame is the young soybeans that are contained in the pod. It was found in east Asia, and it was not a snack food in the 1970s. But nowadays edamame considered as a healthy snack food. Edamame is the best diet of eastern people, but it’s eaten in the United States as well.

Before storing the edamame, you need to know about how long does edamame last in the fridge and without a refrigerator. It’s very important and it will prevent your edamame from becoming spoiled.

They are a popular snack in most of the countries such as japan, china and Thailand. They are mostly eaten in Asia as a summer snack, and drinking beer with them is the good combination.

The nutritional value of the edamame is very high, and they are very rich in vitamins and iron. You can find edamame easily in any grocery store. Still, if you want to purchase the fresh edamame, it’s recommended to buy it from such a store where they have put edamame and other vegetables in the fridge.

If you love to eat edamame so maybe you are also the lover of Eggplant? Before storing Eggplant, you must know about it that how long does cooked Eggplant last.

The fresh edamame last for a day or two days but do you know that storing edamame in a suitable place is the key to make it long-lasting? If you want to make your edamame fresh for a year, then continue reading.

Edamame Shelf Life

How Long Does Edamame Last in The Fridge

How Long Does Edamame Last in The Fridge

Fresh Edamame At Room Temperature

People picked this method to store the edamame because they don’t have fridge right now it home or it would be an electricity problem. If you wanted to keep edamame at room temperature, it’s not a bad idea in such situations.


In-room temperature the shelf life of the edamame is very shortif you have fresh edamame and want to store them at room temperature so it will last just a day.

Either you have beans and take them out from the pod it will last just a day.

If the room temperature is hot, so the edamame will be fresh for a shorter period.

Cooked Edamame At Room Temperature

Cooked Edamame At Room Temperature

If you have cooked edamame, try to keep them away, from the room temperature because it’s right now in the danger zone.

Do you want to know how it is in the danger zone at room temperature?

Actually when you put cooked edamame at room temperature so the bacteria will start the attack on it and it will last just for a few hours. They are becoming start ruined and will not be suitable for eating.The cooked edamame will be left two hours at the room temperature.


If you want to solve your problem and prevent your edamame from becoming spoil, then it’s the best solution to eat your cooked edamame within 2 hours and fresh edamame within one day.

Are you in diet or you are not hungry? If you don’t want to eat them before spoiled, then give it to your neighbours from before becoming rotten.

Fresh Edamame At The Fridge

In the refrigerator, the fresh edamame will last for 2 days. Do you want to keep them longer? Cooked them, it will extend their shelf life more because we have explained that cooked edamame lasts for one day, so that’s a good trick to extend their shelf life one day more.

Cooked Edamame At The Fridge

This is what you are waiting for because the cooked edamame will last for a year in the fridge if you stored them properly. It’s the best method ever that most people loved it. Now if you want to eat your edamame within a month or year choice is yours. It will never become spoil for a year. Many people complaining about taste issues that it changes their taste, Maybe it’s real and possible that’s why eat your edamame before changing their taste.


It doesn’t mean that you need to eat your edamame within a year. Make sure to eat edamame as soon as possible to enjoy the excellent taste. Before storing in the fridge and at room temperature make sure you have followed these instructions.

How To Store Edamame

Cooked Edamame At The Fridge

Cooked Edamame At Room Temperature

It is not recommended to store the edamame at room temperature. Want to know the reasons? Here are the three reasons why you shouldn’t store edamame at room temperature.

  • If you store cooked edamame at room temperature, it will continue becoming spoil within a day or few hours.
  • The bacteria will start growing on your food.
  • After eating edamame late, Maybe bacteria cause foodborne illness.

Fresh Edamame At Room Temperature

If you want to store fresh edamame it room temperature, then place them in a cool and dry place. They will become ruined in the hot temperature. That’s why a cold place is the best choice to keep it fresh. Are you confused about the cold places? These four places are recommended to keep vegetables fresh.


Basements are also called the ground floor. It will keep most of the vegetables fresh for an extended period.


These spaces are also unheated, and you can store vegetables there.


It’s a room where people stored food and dishes but if you store edamame, then make sure to place the pod spaced in a breathable bag. A paper bag is the best choice, and it will work well.


It is mostly used to place the plates, dishes, and cups there. Most people like to store edamame also in the cupboard.

Fresh Edamame At The Refrigerator

If you are planning to store fresh edamame in the refrigerator, make sure they are dry. Placed the fresh edamame in an airtight container with a damp to keep it from drying out. Make sure to use them before spoiled.

You can also put them in a freezer bag, a plastic bag, and used to hold the foods while storing it in the fridge. Freezer bags are safe to keep the foods because they are sealed tightly and prevent the air from entering that affects food.

Can Edamame Go Bad

Can Edamame Go Bad

The edamame has a very high amount of water that improves your hydration, but it doesn’t last long. When you know that the pods are green, then it means it is ready for harvest. When you harvested edamame from the plant after that, it doesn’t stay last.

You need to cook and eat them or store them in a suitable place for long-lasting. They go bad either fresh or frozen, but now let’s dive into details that if they go spoiled, how long do they last.

Frozen Edamame Shelf Life

Frozen edamame last up to year.

If you are planning to freeze edamame, then it’s a good idea to make them long-lasting. The frozen edamame will last more than one year in the freezer, but after one year, it may change the taste, and the quality is not before like fresh edamame.

They are safe to eat if you eat, but try to eat them as soon as possible to enjoy the delicious taste. Once you open the bag where you have put edamame, avoid opening it as exposure to air may cause freezer burn and dry out. It occurs due to moisture loss, and it can happen with any food that’s frozen for a long time. If you want to prevent freezer burn, then try to reduce the food exposure to air.

Fresh Edamame Shelf Life

Fresh Edamame last up to few days.

Many people are confused about where to find fresh edamame that has bright green beans. It’s available in the grocery store., If you have found them cook and eat them as soon as possible, it may not last long like frozen edamame. Kindly eat it before going bad—many people thoughts about storing it properly.

It’s not bad, but I don’t know why these people buy the edamame if they don’t want to eat within a day or more. Do you have your shop, that’s why you want to store them? If Yes! It’s okay. You can freeze them. You can store fresh edamame in these ways.

For room temperature, Kindly place them in a breathable bag and try to use them quickly.

People think fresh edamame can’t go bad, but unfortunately, it goes spoiled in the fridge if you are keeping it for long.

Cooked Edamame Storage

Don’t try to put cooked edamame at room temperature ever in your life because they will not last more than two hours. It may have harmful bacteria when they go bad that may cause diarrhea, cramping, and fever.

And Yeah!

You can store cooked edamame in the refrigerator so they will last up to 4-5 days.

How To Tell If Edamame Is bad

How To Tell If Edamame Is bad

It’s easy to identify spoiled edamame. Before purchasing the edamame at the grocery store, you need to care about these things. These are some signs of edamame that start becoming when they are going bad. If you follow these steps while buying edamame, you will get the right edamame, and it will not go bad quickly.


While selecting the edamame, make sure that they are not Slimy and squishy texture. If you feel that they have a Slimy and squishy texture, then it means you shouldn’t select this because it’s going to be bad that will not be edible.


The color is the best option to identify any fruits and vegetables that will be bad or in good condition. Before going to the grocery store to buy edamame, you should know about the original color of the thing you want to buy. The fresh edamame has a bright green color, but they change their color that may convert to black and dark when they are bad. If you see any discolored edamame, then don’t purchase them.


It’s impressive tips to check out the condition of the vegetable. If you plan to buy edamame from the store, then smell it if you think it’s giving a rotten smell, then it means you should ignore it. If you have already edamame at home and place them in any container, but few of them are giving lousy smell, so it’s the best practice to eliminate the rotten one and through them away.


If you see any mold on the outside, it will be better to ignore them and not buy them. You cannot see the inside area. That’s why saw the outside area correctly to prevent from buying rotten edamame. The mold is the sign of bacteria, and it’s not good for health to eat those foods which have mold.

Edamame Companion Plants

Edamame Companion Plants

Companion planting is the old planting method that has the just ability to grow one or more crops. This method’s benefits are to add nutrients in the soil, extending the size of the garden, and enhance the crop quality. It enhances the growth cycle of the whole plant. These are some examples of companions planting.

  • Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Green Beans

Edamame Yield Per Plant

Edamame yield per plant has few requirements, which are given below.

  • Light Requirements: They need full sun for best yields, and plants produce in a part shape. In the full sun means that the sun’s light should be available for at least six hours per day, but there are few plants that they need eight to ten hours of sunlight per day. For edamame six hours, sunlight is enough.
  • Planting: For planting the edamame, space should be 12 to 18 inches apart.
  • Soil Requirements: There are different soil types, such as peat soil, chalk soil, but edamame tolerate every kind of soil available in the earth, Including clay.

Related Questions

Can you eat edamame pods?

The pods of the edamame are not edible. To make the ideal edamame snake in the pod, you need to add flavor. Providing edamame pod is the best service in the most Japanese food restaurant. It’s the best choice for vegans or anyone who want to become healthy. Nothing will happen if you eat the edamame pod because they are not toxic, but it’s powerful and challenging to chew.

Is edamame safe for dogs

Yes, The edamame is safe for dogs because they are not toxic for dogs. It’s a bit hard for a human. Maybe the dog chews it without facing any challenges. But make sure it’s not recommended for dogs to eat edamame as a snack.

Is Edamame a healthy snack?

The edamame is a common source of vitamins and proteins, and it’s rich in fiber. They are very healthy, and they will help you reduce the risk of heart disease and improve your body’s other functionality. IT will also help you to control the cholesterol level.

Is it OK to eat edamame everyday?

Edamame is safe to eat every day, but it may not be suitable for some people who already have a disease like diarrhea and stomach problems. If you have eaten the meal already and are full of feed, it’s not recommended to start overeating. It may cause sickness.

Can you lose weight eating edamame?

Yes, the edamame will help you lose your weight because it contains essential amino acids and fatty acids. It’s also a good source of Vitamins A and C. They are high in fiber, and the fiber content has in edamame that will help you lose weight and provide enough calories faster.


This article will make you understand everything about how long edamame last in the fridge and at room temperature if you have fresh raw edamame to last for a day at room temperature and two days in the refrigerator.

I have explained everything in detail to clear your confusion about edamame long-lasting, storage, and how you know that they are ruined. Edamame is the vegetable that is starting with E, Here you can sell all the vegetables starting with the letter C.

Do you think we have missed any think about Edamame? Kindly let us know in the comments box we will update our article and provides more information regarding this topic.

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