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How Long Does Eggplant Last? – Overcome Weight Problems

Eggplant is a destiny of good low-calorie food that will help you overcome weight problems within a few months. Most people love to eat low-calorie food because it’s very useful for fast weight loss. Eating vegetables is very important to overcome the risk of many diseases and will keep you healthy.

Everyone wants to eat fresh food, either it is fruits or vegetables, that’s why if you don’t know how long does eggplant last, then you must be confused that how do you store eggplant for a long length of time to keep it fresh and overcome rotten eggplant problems.

Nowadays, no one wants to cook and eat old eggplants because it changes their taste and becomes bitter after a few days. If you want to keep them fresh longer, you need to store them at room temperature.

Are you a bit confused that how long can you store eggplant?

If Yes!

This article will be very helpful for you to select the best eggplant that stays long. Still, if you have purchased your eggplant and cut into pieces before reading this article, you will also know the facts about how long does eggplant last after and before cutting and how to keep eggplant from being bitter.

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How Long Does It Last In The Fridge

It depends on the eggplant condition. If you have fresh or cut eggplant, then check out the below picture for all details. Otherwise, if you have cooked, it will be left up to 3-5 days, depending on the eggplant’s quality.

Whole/CutCounterRefrigerator Freezer
Whole eggplant will last4-5 Days2-3 Weeks10-12 Months
Cut eggplant will last 30 Mintues3-4 Days10-12 Months
  • Whole Eggplant In The Counter: It will last 4-5 days on the counter. If you have any plan to consume eggplant within 4-5 days, then it will be safe in the pantry.
  • Whole Eggplant In The Refrigerator: It will last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. If you don’t plan to consume it within 2-3 weeks, freeze it to keep it fresh for a few months.
  • Whole Eggplant In The Freezer: It lasts 10-12 months in the freezer. This is the best way of storing it for a month or year, but it would be better if you consume it as soon as possible for better taste.
  • Cut Eggplant In The Counter: It can last for 30 minutes in the pantry. Once you cut the eggplant, it will not last long in the pantry like the whole eggplant because the bacteria is growing on the cut eggplant immediately.
  • Cut Eggplant In The Refrigerator: It will last 3-4 days in the refrigerator. To keep it fresh for a month or year, the best way is to freeze them.
  • Cut Eggplant In The Freezer: It can last up to 10-12 months in the freezer. It’s recommended for those who don’t have any plan to consume it within a month.


A freezer is the best place to store it for a month or year, But for better taste, consume your eggplant as soon as possible.

History Of Eggplant And Where Do Aubergines Originate From

Before proceeding to history, if you are confused about Aubergines, you won’t worry about that because Eggplant is also called Aubergine.

First of all, the eggplant was introduced in America by the Spanish people that was very friendly, kind, and active. After that, it started growing in brazil, but in the united states, white varieties of eggplant were famous. Later, eggplant grows in America with different types.

The country-wise most massive eggplant production is in china, but the homeland of eggplant is south Africa. Eggplant is a member of the Solanaceae family that includes a huge number of agriculture crops and weeds.

Thomas Jefferson introduced the eggplant and started research on getting seeds, but at last, he did it and got the seeds from France and Africa. Thomas doesn’t haven’t any idea that what I should do on these seeds but later in the 1840s, it was a famous part of the southern areas people diet.

The Aubergines originate from Asia and Africa, but according to history, the plant was first available in Asia. Mostly the french and British people called Aubergine instead of eggplant. The Aubergine and eggplant are the same plants. They just have different names.

What Are The Health Benefits

Maybe it’s even in your mind that delicious fruits and vegetables come with just taste and flavor, but it’s just your imagination. You don’t know how the eggplant is very beneficial for your health. Eggplant has many benefits that keep humans healthy and strong. A few of them are given below.

1. Source of Vitamins And Minerals

Eggplant is a Source of Vitamins And Minerals

Eggplant has a great source of vitamin & mineral. They will help your body by completing all the essential nutrients that every human needs. The vitamin & mineral will keep your immune system healthy and convert food into energy. There is 13 primary source of vitamins that keep your body healthy.

2. Improve Heart Health

The potassium, vitamin C, and B in eggplants give adequate support to heart health. If you are eating foods, it contains flavonoids that help decrease the risk of heart attack and improve your heart health. Fiber is located in beans and oats that may help reduce blood cholesterol levels. According to different doctor’s research, great fiber foods have heart health exhibitions and decreasing blood pressure.

3. Cancer-Fighting Benefits

Eggplant has Cancer-Fighting Benefits

Cancer is an uncontrolled disease in the human cell body. Once they develop, the body parts stop working correctly, but eggplants are useful for such conditions, helping you and fight cancer. Most specialists recommend eating and learning about the facts about vegetables and fruits on a daily basis that will complete vitamin D in the body, will help you keep your body healthy, and protect against many diseases, especially cancer.

4. Keep Your Bones Strong

Humans are born with 300 soft bones but specifically. Proteins and minerals keep up the bones healthy. The eggplant is very helpful and will increase your bone density. The mineral calcium will help your muscles and eggplant have a reasonable amount of mineral calcium that makes your bones healthy and robust.

5. Improve Brain Thinking

Eggplant Improves Brain Thinking

Phytonutrients are the chemicals produced from different plants, including eggplant. These chemicals help to improve mental health, but if you are weak in thinking and solving the problem, you can enhance your review by reading these ten tips to keep re-balance yourself.

6. Keep Your Weight Normal

People love to eat the lowest amount of calories to lose their weight. Eggplant has low in calories that help you to keep your weight normal. If you are looking for a solution that allows you to loss weight an evidence-based, apply 26 weight loss tips to loss your weight fast.

7. Control Blood Sugar

Control Blood Sugar

The blood sugar is located in your blood cells that come from the food people eat. Yeah, the main sources to gain energy is indeed food, but the eggplant is high in sugar that keeps your blood pressure lower—diabetes in the main disease that occurs in your blood cell and keeps your blood sugar high. Eggplant is the best vegetables for controlling diabetes because it includes a high fiber diet.

How Do You Store It For A Long Of Time

Eating fresh vegetables will give you good vitamins and minerals that are needed for your health. If you bought eggplant from the store and decided to eat them within a few hours, it’s okay for everyone. It’s a bit confusing to keep eggplant fresh for a few days, and people don’t know how to do it.Many people have confusion about storing eggplant and keeping them fresh for a few days and weeks. If you are in these people, continue reading to extend the shelf life of an eggplant.

1. Keep It At Room Temperature

Keep the eggplant At Room Temperature

Ensure that you are not storing cut eggplant because many people are complaining that eggplant turning brown and blue after cutting. That’s why it’s recommended to wrap the whole eggplant in a bag or anything else but don’t shut the bag.

The cut eggplant rots very suddenly. Once you cut eggplant tries to cook as soon as possible. The best temperature for storing eggplant is 50-54F. To clarify your confusion about 50 degrees, check out that it’s warm and cold.

Tips And Tricks:

Storing eggplant in sealed plastic is not recommended because maybe it spoils due to poor air quality. The good airflow adjusts temperate and removes impurities. Poor air circulation will continue rotten eggplant that’s why wrap them in a paper bag.


The paper bag absorbs moisture, and it is made of Kraft paper, which is specially used for packaging. If you have don’t have paper bag at home right now then you can store eggplant in towels that is available in every home.

2. Store It Separately From Ethylene 

The ethylene gas effect on fruit, such as maybe they change their color or cause the ripening of fruits and vegetables, may also cause death and damage the plants. Kindly keep eggplant separate from other fruits because if you are keeping them near bananas, apple, tomatoes, so maybe eggplant rotten quickly.

If you are storing eggplant with fruits as i mentioned above you are decreasing storage length of eggplant itself.

Tips And Tricks:

If you have stored fruits and vegetables incorrectly, it will be spoiled; that’s why Do not arrange fruits and vegetables sensitive to ethylene near fruits and vegetables that produce it.

3. Use the Stored Eggplant As Soon As Possible

Use the Stored Eggplant As Soon As Possible

If you have fresh eggplant but don’t store them properly, it will not last long until they are stored at proper room temperature. When the eggplant is ripe more, how do you know if eggplant is bad or not? Press down your thumb on both sides of the eggplant, and if you feel that eggplant is very soft and your finger is going inside, then it means it’s old, and eggplant is not fresh.

Once you buy eggplant from the store or anywhere, then try to use them within 24 hours, but if you decided to store it for few days, then make sure that don’t store it more then three days because it will change color day by day and the taste will not be good as fresh eggplant have.

Tips And Tricks:

Fresh eggplant has a dark or brownish purple color, but if they start turning yellow and soft, keep it away and don’t cook it. Many people won’t give yellow eggplant to poor people, and they thought it’s our responsibility to help the poor, but I will recommend instead of yellow eggplant, give them fresh eggplant.

Should Eggplant Be Refrigerated

Yes, Eggplant should be refrigerated, and it doesn’t last long without refrigeration. Refrigeration is the method where undesired heat is removed from the substances. In the refrigerated process, we need to change the liquid into the gas.

In refrigeration, the work processes the gas compressed to a higher temperature. The refrigeration process has four major components checkout the four stages of refrigeration in detail if you want to refrigerate vegetables and fruits.

Benefits For Skin

Eggplant Benefits For Skin

The skin is the widest part of the body, and the total area is about 20 squared feet. Eggplant will provide beauty to your skin. Eating an eggplant will help you to fight with sunburns if you want to go outside. Eastern people used dried eggplant powder and mixed it will salt and then used it in teeth to make it white and shiny.

I have mentioned above 7 health benefits of eggplant but these are the few more benefits of eggplant that will keep your skin, hair smooth, and shiny.

  • Keep your skin soft
  • Improve hair growth
  • Improve liver health
  • Provides Perfect Skin
  • Helps Quit Smoking
  • Imparts Instant Glow

Eggplant has a good amount of water that will help our body and skin properly hydrated. Eggplant has sufficient minerals and vitamins that will enhance your skin and maintain it smooth. If you want to know more details about eggplant benefits for skin then read these 35 amazing benefits of eggplant for the skin.

How To Freeze Eggplant

If you want to freeze eggplant, you need to cut them into pieces and blanch them before putting them in the freezer. Suppose you are the lover of eggplant Parmesan. In that case, you can make it easily from eggplant, but before proceeding to the next steps, if you don’t like to read anymore, then continue watching this video to learn about freezing eggplant.

Are you the lover of reading articles instead of watching the video? Let’s start with the steps that will help you in freezing eggplants.

1. Boil Water In Large Pot

Find out the large pot in your home, fill them with water, and keep them on fire over high heat. After that, give some time to water to reach a rolling boil.

Tip And Tricks:

If you are a bit confused about how much large pot I should select, try to fit all your eggplant in the stockpot, ensure that the pot is perfect, and eggplant are not fallen outside.

2. Add Lemon Juice To The Water

The main reason for adding lemon to the boiling water is taste once you add lemon water so the eggplant’s taste will be the same as it is.

Tips And Tricks:

Add 1/2 cup of water for every gallon, one gallon contains 128 ounces, and 1 ounce is equal to 0.0295735 litters.

3. Make A Massive Bowl Of Ice Water

Before blanching the eggplant, you need to make sure that the water is cold in the pot. 

Tips And Tricks:

Ensure that tha bowl of water is large or equal to the pot used to blanch the eggplant.

4. Blanch The Eggplant In Pot

If you have applied the above three steps, then now put the eggplant pieces into boiling water and blanch them properly for four to five mints.

Tips And Tricks:

Add more water and lemon juice if you feel that water level drops.

5. Remove Slices With A Slotted Spoon

Once you know that the eggplant has been blanched, then used a slotted spoon from the boiling water and pot. If you don’t have a spoon, you can make an emergency spoon at home instead of buying a slotted spoon.

Tips And Tricks:

Stop the cooking process and keep the eggplant into the ice water for four to five minutes.

6. Repeat Until All Eggplants Blanched

Repeat the above process until all the eggplants are blanched properly. If you still have any confusion about freezing eggplant, then click here to see all steps in detail with images and videos.

How To Choose Eggplant Without Seeds

How To Choose Eggplant Without Seeds

To choose an eggplant without seeds, you need to take care of gender. Every fruit and vegetable is available in both genders. In some situations, the reason for not growing and getting flowers into the plants is the female gender.

But the considering eggplant without seeds is opposite because the male eggplants have few seeds instead of female eggplant. If you want to find the gender of any plants, then look at the bottom. If it’s thick and shaped like a dash, then it’s female. On the other hand, if it’s shallow and rounded, then it’s male.

Result: You should select male eggplant if you are looking for eggplant without seeds.

5 Things to Look for When Buying at the Grocery Store

Once you go to the store to buy eggplant, you will try to pick the fresh one, but if you don’t know how to pick the fresh eggplant, these five tips will help you get fresh eggplant.

1. Pick Up Heavy Eggplant

First of all, pick the eggplant, check them in your hand, and compare it’s size to others’ eggplant available in the store. If the eggplant looks heavy in your hand, it means that eggplant is completely pure and an excellent position. Don’t be afraid and picked a few of them, and check it properly.

2. Check Out The Skin

If the eggplant looks dull, it means it’s old and poor quality, but if the eggplant’s skin is wrinkled, it means the eggplant’s quality is good, but it’s not going to be last long and will start spoiling very soon. You can consider that the eggplant is old, which may taste bitter while eating.

Please pick up the one with good looking like shiny, clear, but it doesn’t mean that it’s fresh. Check it properly in your hands and press down your thumb and all fingers on every side to clarify bruising and splotch.

3. Choose The Stem Green One

It’s essential to check out the skin and condition, but It’s also important to know about the stem and check them properly. Look at the top and downside of and make sure to analyze the stem. If it’s green, then you should go for it. Otherwise, if you feel that the color is brown or something else, you shouldn’t go for it.

4. Pick up Strong One

When you press your finger in eggplant from different angles, so it will give you the response that it’s strong or weak; if you are pressing your finger, again and again, you feel that it’s very soft, and easily your finger is going inside the eggplant, then it means that it’s old and starting rotten within few hours that’s why buying the strong one is recommended.

5. Choose Small Size

If you are picking the big eggplant, then it may be not very good because if the size is large so it definitely will consist of more seeds. This is the last tip for getting fresh eggplant that takes tiny or medium eggplants rather than the super large size.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Long Does Eggplant Last - FAQs

1. When to harvest black beauty eggplant

Before harvesting the eggplant, make sure that it may have 4-5 inches longer. Most of the people start removing eggplant after 60-70 days from the fields. Also, look at the firm fruits and check out the strong-ness with fingers. The shine of the eggplant will be bright is a sign of ripe fruit. If the sign is a bit dull, it means it rotten and still has time to ripe. The look of the overripe fruit turns in to brownish and tastes bitter.

2. How long does cut eggplant last in the fridge

First of all, I want you to know that it’s not recommended to cut eggplant in the fridge, but in case if you have a situation like that, you have some of them cooked and few of them remaining, and you want to put them in the fridge then it will stay 3-4 days but try to cook them as soon as possible.

3. How long does cooked eggplant last (In the fridge)

The cooked eggplant last 3-4 days in the refrigerator and 9-12 months in the freezer, but it will be better if you eat cooked eggplant within one week because maybe after that, it may change the taste.

4. Should i refrigerate eggplant?

People want to store eggplant for a long period, but it can’t stay longer. That’s why it should be refrigerated. It is prescribed to wrap them in a paper bag, towel, and place in a reusable box. So it means that you can refrigerate eggplant if you want.

5. How to preserve eggplant for winter

It’s very famous for enjoying the roasted eggplants in the winter season. You can make an eggplant recipe using tomato slice. To preserve eggplant for winter watch this video.

6. How long does uncut eggplant last?

Well, it depends on various factors such as the storage conditions and the freshness of the eggplant when you bought it. In general, an uncut eggplant can last for up to a week if stored properly in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

However, it’s always best to check for signs of spoilage such as discoloration or a soft texture before using it.

7. Can eggplant cause food poisoning?

Yes, eggplant can cause food poisoning if it is not handled and cooked properly. Raw eggplant and undercooked eggplant can contain harmful bacteria like salmonella and E. coli, which can lead to foodborne illness.

So, it’s essential to make sure you wash and cook eggplants thoroughly before consuming them.

8. Who should not eat eggplant?

Eggplant is generally safe for most people to consume as part of a healthy and balanced diet. However, there are some groups of people who may need to avoid or limit their consumption of eggplant due to specific health conditions or allergies. These include:

  1. Individuals with a history of allergies to nightshade vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes, may be allergic to eggplant as well.
  2. People with kidney or gallbladder problems may need to limit their intake because it contains oxalates, which can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.
  3. Those who are taking certain medications, such as blood thinners or diuretics, should check with their doctor before consuming large amounts of it because it can interact with these medications.
  4. Some people may experience gastrointestinal symptoms, such as bloating or diarrhea, after consuming eggplant due to its high fiber content.

If you have any concerns about including it in your diet, it’s always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

9. Is eggplant blood thinner?

There is some evidence to suggest that eggplant may have a blood-thinning effect due to the presence of certain compounds in the vegetable. Specifically, eggplant contains nasunin, a type of anthocyanin that has been shown to have anticoagulant properties in laboratory studies.

However, it’s important to note that the evidence is limited and more research is needed to fully understand the potential effects of eggplant on blood clotting.

If you are taking blood-thinning medication or have a bleeding disorder, it’s important to speak with your healthcare provider before consuming large amounts of eggplant or making any significant changes to your diet.

 They can advise you on whether eggplant is safe for you to consume and help you manage your condition appropriately.


After reading the whole article, maybe all your confusion is clear about how long eggplant lasts, but if you still have any questions, you can ask in the comments below.

I have tried my best to explain everything in detail, such as how long does eggplant lasts in the fridge, cut eggplant, cooked eggplant, and store it properly for long-lasting.

If you have your fields of eggplant, then you may have a good knowledge of it. That’s why I want you to ask how you recognize the eggplant that it’s bad or good?

Answer it and help humanity!

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