How Long Does Bottled Water Last

How Long Does Bottled Water Last – Decoding the Expiration Dates

Sometimes you need to bring a water bottle for emergency purposes, It’s really good to have bottled water an emergency situation. The bottle provides you enough amount of water that needed while hiking. Some hiking areas don’t have water spring that is difficult to do hiking in long distances.

The water bottle makes your transport good and comfortable because it’s very small in size and easy to bring from one place to another. It helps hikers to drink more and stay hydrated. Hydration is the process of replacing water in the body that can water and foods.

How long does bottled water last unopened? Actually unopened bottle water can be stored indefinitely. The indefinitely periods of time mean that someone not decided yet about it but you need to keep the bottle in the proper environment.

It is very difficult to find out water in the desert area, But maybe you stay in deserts for just a few hours. Humans can survive up to 3 days without water, but it will be better if you have beer bottles or water bottles that give you good energy and you will definitely enjoy the desert tour.

Ever in your life did you face something like this situation, When you stuck anywhere and need water.

It is very important to save water from all harmful products like gasoline, pesticides. Actually water is available all over the world on the earth but all the water doesn’t have the same taste. When you stored bottled water properly it will last more than 2 years.

Unopened Water Bottle Expiration Date

Unopenned bottle last

The bottled water have indefinitely shelf life and if it is produced accordance with current Good manufacturing process ( CGMP) that provides high quality standard bottled water without expiration date.

Opened Water Bottle Expiration Date

opened bottle last

How Long Is Bottled Water Good For

Many people love to bring water bottled with itself on hands or available to everyone’s big packs. Due to Covid-19, people are afraid of drinking water bottles because of drinking water badly, just like the below picture, by entering the whole mouth into the bottle head.

The bottled water doesn’t last forever. Before drinking the water in the bottle, make sure to check out the expiration date on your bottled water. The plastic can begin leach into the water, and it is made from polyethylene terephthalate. So it’s the reality that bottled water comes with timestamps that when it will be expired?

10 Amazing Water Facts You Should Know

Water is very important source all over the world that is needed for life to exist. In fact all animals and plants cannot survive without water. Your body loose water through digestion that move food through the GI tract. The digestion process start from mouth and ends in the small intestine.

1. Most Freshwater Is In Ice

fresh water from ice

In earth 3% of the water is fresh, The ice has sheet-like layered in the ground surface that freezes the water near with ice area. The freshwater dissolved salts but seawater has salty taste. When the rain starts it replenishes fresh water in rivers and streams so they are not too salty taste.

Don Juan pond is the saltest lake in the world, This lake is not large but it’s water is more then 40% salinity. Most of the ice in Antarctica is salt free. Glaciers store 69% of the world fresh water and it’s made from compacted snow which have freshwater.

2. 1 bath uses up to 70 gallons of water

Maybe you have notice that how long do take a bath, that’s between 5-15 minutes. It also depends what you plan to do while bath such as use soap, tooth brush, use shampoo in your hair. Did you notice that how much amount of water you used during bath?

The average water of shower is 15.8 gallons which becomes 59.8 liters. It also depends how much time you are taking shower, If you are taking shower up to five minutes the average usage of water will be 10-25 gallons. Definitely to takes shower up to 10 minutes increase the usage of water.

3. A Leak Pipe Waste Thousands Gallons Of Water

Water leakage pipe can be cause from different reason e.g improper installation and pipe joints are not properly sealed. Even water pipe have small leak it can waste up to 970 gallons of water within 24 hours that waste thousands gallons of water within month.

To repair tiny leaks in pipe use a compound stick that contains diphenyl oxalate compound. If you want temporary fix then wrap the tape around holes to cover leak area for few days. I will recommend to repair crack pipe permanently without cutting or threading.

4. 71% Of The Earth Is Covered By Water

71% Of The Earth Is Covered By Water

The 70% of the earth is covered by water but unfortunately 90% of that have salty ocean water which not suitable for drinking. It doesn’t mean that all water exist in the earth, It’s also exist in air as water vapor. Our planet water consistently moving from one place to another.

The earth have 3% fresh water that’s why less than 1% of the earth water is suitable for drinking.

Countries That Have Worst Water Supply

  • Mexico.
  • Congo.
  • Pakistan.

5. Women Spend Many Hours For Collecting Drinking Water

Actually all over the world almost all of the countries have rural areas that don’t have the facilities of water. Women and girls bring drinking water from well, springs. They have the responsibilities to collect drinking water everyday, Even my family is crises with this situation.

Every day women spend 8 hours collecting water, Estimated 200 million hours worldwide a day. They spend their valuable time on collecting water. So it will affect your whole study and other work. To overcome the water problems check out the solution of water shortage.


The above 5 facts were about the life of water facts that you should know, Now let’s proceed to the facts about bottled water that is also important to know.

6. Plastic Bottles Bought Every minutes Around The World

A million bottles of water are bought around the world every minute and the number will increase day by day. It’s 2024 now but that number will jump another 20% by 2026. Most of the plastic bottles are made of polymers that are chemically bonded to create different materials e.g polyethylene.

Ellen MacArthur is the first lady that she starts to fight against plastic bottles that we should reuse, refilled the plastic bottle rather than through it.

7. Differences In Taste

The main reason that bottled water has a good taste and it is better than tap water because they don’t have chlorine in it. They have a closed system and the water of the bottle doesn’t have chlorine. After adding the water in to bottle the chlorine removed during the water treatment process.

If you want to get non chlorinated water at home than follow these 3 easy ways to Dechlorinated tap water.

  1. Boil water in the stove for 20 minutes and cool it.
  2. Leave the water outside in the sun for 24 hours.
  3. Use vitamin C to remove chlorine from water.

8. Bottle Water Are Actually Tap Water

Bottled Water is tap water

Yes, that’s the reality that in most of the countries more than 25% of water comes from tap water, Maybe now you are confused that what is the difference between bottle water and tap water. Actually the bottled water is purified through different steps for removing minerals and chlorine.

Definitely it’s clear that half of the bottled water is just tap water, Boiling water kills a lot of bacteria but it doesn’t remove chemicals like water treatment process. Remove undesirable chemicals to apply these water purification Process.

9. Plastic Bottle Water Release Toxic Materials

Plastic water bottle releases toxic materials when they decompose, The decomposition is the process where we dead organic substances are broke. The harmful chemical in the plastic bottle is bisphenol A, Since 1906s BPA is an industrial chemical that is used to make plastic bottles.

If you want to prevent toxic materials in plastic bottles than don’t heat up plastic otherwise heating the plastic bottle will increase the rate of toxic materials. PFOA is the most toxic material in the water that can cause cancer. Reduce PFOA in drinking water with treatment technology.

10. Baby Need 4 to 6 Ounces In A Day

First of all if you don’t know about ounces than clarify your all confusion ounces of water. If you have 6 months baby than it is necessary to provide 4 to 6 ounces of water in day to him/her. Don’t need to force your baby to complete 4-6 ounces you can drink him over half a cup of water.

Sometimes your little baby, under 6 months, doesn’t drink water, because they are receiving hydration from breast milk. That’s why it’s not suited to drink water after several months of birth. Remember below 6 months baby can’t drink water but breast milk have more than 80% water that makes your baby healthy.

5 Advantages Of Water

It is very important to drink enough water to staying healthy, because keeping your body hydrated helps the heart to do pumping more easily. To improve your function of the body need water, Remember if you drink water standing up than it maybe not beneficial for you because the nutrients and vitamins don’t reach to the digestive track properly.

1. Prevent Your Body From Fatigue

The H. H. Mitchell born in 1886 and died in 1966, He is no more in the world but according to H. H. Mitchell brain and heart have approximately 73% of water. Drinking water will relax your mind and helps you to think more clearly. You will focus, concentrate better after drinking water to clarify your confusion about any problems.

If you feel every time tired and energy is low, Drinking water will help you to boost your energy and overcome your laziness. You can also boost your energy levels naturally.

2. Drop Your Extra Weight

Drinking water helps to boost your metabolism, Metabolism is the process by which your body convert foods in to energy. It can be anything such as when you eat fruit, meal and drink water, Pepsi metabolism will convert it and boost your energy.

Green tea will also help you to reduce weight and extra fats because caffeine present in the green tea that stimulates the central nervous system.

3. Flushes Out Toxins

drank a GALLON of WATER

Drinking more water will help you in sweat less, Many people are not agree with it but it’s just your imagination that maybe drinking more water cause sweat. In fact drinking more water will does not make you sweet while you are working anywhere or sitting in the office.

If you have kidney stone issues than drinking extra water will help you to reduce the risk of stones in your kidney. If you go to the specialist of kidney stone they will also recommend you to drink excessive water. You want to know the reason why you should drink more water than read it.

4. Improve Skin Health And Beauty

Drinking more water will help you to improve keep your skin fresh. It will help you to reduce skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. It will flush out toxins from the body and keep your skin healthy and glow. Clear your skin from dirt any type of bacteria that are affecting your skin.

June and July are hottest months in the year, Normally you should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. If whether is more hot than you should drink more than 8 glasses.

5. Deliver Oxygen To The All Body

Now it’s a bit confusing because you will think that blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body, Than how it is possible that water help to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Actually Plasma is a pale that is a yellow mixture of water and proteins.

The plasma act as a carrier for blood cells and plasma have 90% of water that’s why we can say that blood have more than 90 percent of water.

5 Disadvantages Of Water

It is very important to check the temperature of the water before drinking. I know what’s on your mind? Does it really in your mind that water don’t have any disadvantages? If Yes!

Than it’s just your imagination, Let’s proceed to the disadvantages of drinking cold water.

1. Cause Headache


Many people love to drink cold water that ice on it but you don’t know how much it’s affecting your whole body. Drinking cold water can cause headache. Did you every try cold water that causes headaches? If you love cold water but you are panic about headaches then try these 10 ways to get rid of headache.

2. Sick throat

Normally this problem doesn’t occur but cold water may cause sick throat due to your own mistakes. Sometimes we don’t care about ourselves in winter season to protect our self properly that cause low temperature . Our body are behaving same but when we drink cold water our body cause mucus that may result in  sore throat.

3. Sudden Shock To The Body

Sometimes drinking cold water a sudden shock collapse in your body. Actually the main reason of this shock is your exercise or any other social activity. When you played a football, cricket game and run continuously for hours, After then when you directly drink cold water it may cause pain in your stomach or sudden shock to the body.

4. Bad For Your Teeth


Drinking cold water is not good for your teeth because maybe during drinking cold water you ever realizes sudden pain in your teeth. The main reason why your teeth starting pain is change of temperature. So if you have sensitive teeth then check out sensitive teeth treatment.


5. Effects immune system

Drinking cold water will also affect your immune system because maybe after drinking very cold water your temperate has decreased. Once your temperature decrease than your body will produce mucus that reduces immune system functionality.

Does Water Go Bad

The short answer to this question is that water doesn’t go bad but it doesn’t mean that the bottled water never changes their taste. Actually it depends Maybe you have left bottled water for a few hours in your car and switch off AC and locked your car.

So what do you think if your AC is turned off water bottled will stay cooler?

Not Ever!

We used to hold water in plastic bottles that are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, If you add hot water in the plastic bottle it will distort the plastic. So when a water bottle passes a few hours in hot car it will change the water of taste and maybe it’s also not suitable for drinking.

Why Does Bottled Water Have an Expiration Date

Most of the water bottles have an expiration date but now it’s a bit confusing that how we can say that water last indefinitely if it has an expiration date. Otherwise, you can drink unopened bottle water after 2 years. It will not make you sick but maybe taste is a bit change.

Actually expiration date on the bottle just makes sense that water have an expiration date.

Although as I said that water bottle does not go bad! Make sure if you store fresh drinking water up to five and ten years than a plastic bottle is not suitable for it. Keep the water bottles in proper environment. If you want to reuse old bottle than wash it clearly to prevent from harmful bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you store bottled water long term?

If you want to store water bottle for the long term than fill the bottle or jug from the faucet. Close the cap tightly and store them on cool place. If you want to know that How long does bottled water last unopened than I can say that with confidence that it will last indefinitely. Before six months using the water bottle if it’s not used then empty it and repeat this process.

Can you get sick from drinking old water?

Actually it depends that how much water is old, If it’s less than 2 years old then it will not make you sick. Otherwise, If it’s old more than 2 years that it may sick you for one or two days after drinking bad water. These are the symptoms of that cause after drinking bad water, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. Forni say that it can take 24-48 hours to develop.

is it safe to drink tap water from the bathroom?

Maybe you have drink tap water? If yes! then definitely it is safe to drink tap water from bathroom because the water comes from tap and it safe. I will not recommend to drink water from bathroom tap but if you don’t have resources to drink bottle water or clean water then you can drink bathroom tap water.

How long does bottled water last once opened?

After opening the bottled water, It’s being recommended to drink it within 3 days but nowadays once people opened bottled water it’s finished up within a few minutes due to hot weather. The opened bottle will absorb carbon dioxide and its taste will be changing day by day so make sure to drink opened bottles as soon as possible.

How is water cleaned for us to drink?

Water is cleaned for us through Filtration process, The water passes through different filters that remove sand, gravel, and dissolved particles such as dust. Chloramine added to kill bacteria, viruses, and germs from the water and makes it suitable for drinking.

How long can tap water be stored?

If you store tap water properly and do cleanness of storage area where tap water is stored, It will be safe to drink after a few years. Make sure to do cleanness of the storage area after every month. Mostly it’s recommended that store the water in cool, dry, and dark places.

Tap water can store up to six months but after six months the taste of the water will change overtime. If you want to know about types of storage water that will give you better idea to store your water easily.

How long does tap water last in the fridge?

Storing tap water in a bottle and keep them in the fridge is the best method to keep your water cold and fresh. Once you opened the cap of the bottle then it is recommended that try to use it within 2-3 days.

Water doesn’t expire but maybe it change their taste after few days that’s why people love to drink fresh water.

Final Thoughts

Now you may know that How Long Does Bottled Water Last it’s clear that bottle water last up to 2 years. Actually there are different types of bottle that have different flavored. The flavored bottle is a bottle water that scented silicone spout.

The scented silicone spout is the trick that human think that it’s flavored but it is not. Scented silicone spout just allow person to smell the flavored. We can say that water don’t have shelf life and water never go bad but they just change taste after 2 years.

It doesn’t mean that they are not drinkable after expiration date you can drink it but make sure to empty the bottle and apply filtration process

Once you make water filtration system at home you will enjoy safe drinking water all time. Making filter at home will save your money. Water filter remove elements that causes drinking water, It will also prevent water from undesired taste and smell.

Did you tried the above video to make water filter at home? If Yes!

Then apply water treatment process to enjoy clean water and stay healthy.

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