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How Long Does Beer Last In The Fridge – From Fresh to Flat

Most of people all over the world drink beer because it’s bitter. The green’s bitter taste is well known for its bitter flavor which includes dandelion greens and broccoli. The flower of broccoli is very large flower green color heads that arrange in a tree-like structure.

Cocoa is another flavor that most of the people like it because of its bitter flavor. But Cocoa has different tastes if we compared it to beer. To keep the flavor balance sweet and spicy flavors are 10% sugar and 60% cocoa dark chocolate is added in Cocoa.

If you are a beer lover you must know how long beer last in the fridge because drinking expires beer is safe to drink. But the taste of the expired beer will not be good and it will deteriorate over time. It will not be bitter such as a fresh beer bottle.

Actually, there are different varieties of beer brands that make beer bottles in different unique shapes. Most of the beer bottles don’t have expiration dates. that’s why some people may be confused and want to know if the beer expiration date really matters.

Of course, it really matters and you must be careful about beer expiration dates.

Beer usually lasts six to nine months after the expiration date that is indicated on the label. It may last more than 2 years if the beer is refrigerated. The refrigeration helps to keep beer fresh and the taste of the beer will same as it.

UnopenedPantry Fridge
Bottled Beer lasts for 6-9 Months 6 months-2 Years
Canned Beer lasts for 6-9 Months 6 months-2 Years
Homemade Beer lasts for 6-9 Months 6 months-2 Years

The unopened bottled beer, canned beer, and homemade beer last for 6-9 months in the pantry, and 6 months-2 years in the fridge. Make sure to drink your beer before the expiration.

There are different types of beer but most of people love to drink Pale Lager and Pilsner because it comes in different colors. American larger is light in flavor and it comes in yellow color. Beers come in different colors nowadays but the difference between light and dark beer boils down to the grain that is used in the brewing process.

How Long Does Open Beer Last

Once you opened the beer bottled, it should be better if you drink it within one or two days. If you are thinking about storing the open beer bottle, it’s not recommended to store them because they may change their taste within two days, so you decide to keep them in the fridge.


The open beer last 1-2 days in the pantry and fridge. If you don’t have any plan to drink beer within two days then don’t open beer bottled. Do you want to drink beer right now and next day? Open your beer bottled and enjoy the fresh taste.

How to Cool Beers Without a Fridge

If you don’t have a fridge right now at home but you want to keep your beer cold without a fridge. The warm beer may change their taste in a few days that’s why before drinking beer make sure to keep it in these places if you don’t have a refrigerator.

1. Water

Nowadays most of people love to camp in the river, spring, and hills area to enjoy their life and connect with nature. If you are bored at home and want to drink beer outside the home then camping in beautiful places like the beach, or river will help you to boost your immune system.

The taste of warm beer will be bad which may also cause affect your stomach, To keep your beer cold take your warm beer and put them in water for 10-20 minutes. Bottles water lasts up to 2 years and it’s better than tap water.


If you are indoors then put the beer bottle in a bucket of water, Also take some pieces of ice and put them in the bucket to keep your beer cold and fresh.

If you are outdoors then you don’t worry about ice because the natural resource water is very cold like rivers, springs, and groundwater that is available within rocks. Make sure to secure the beer bottle from the sink.

2. Wet Paper

Wet paper

The first technique was about if you want to keep your beer cold outside and inside the home but if you don’t have a fridge at home then you can soak a towel with water and wrap the wet paper around the beer bottle. Make sure to wrap the whole bottle with wet paper and leave it for 10-20 minutes.

The area of the wet towel where you wrap them with a bottle will keep the bottle cold.

3. On The Faucet


There are different types of faucet that use a simple machine such as a screw that is very helpful rather than a normal faucet. The screw faucet will stop water from continuously flowing, We should be careful not to waste water because it’s our natural resource.

Actually, you can put a beer bottle in the bucket but if you don’t have a bucket you can use a shower to keep your beer cool within five minutes. Don’t waste too much water running faucet continuously.

4. Burying Beers

Burying Beers

If you are in such place where you don’t have the above three resources then this is the best option for you because the earth is everywhere else you are living in any country. Tunneling under the earth is easy so start tunneling in the earth and put the beer bottle in the tunneling area for a while.

Make sure don’t put soil in the head top, Maybe you forget it that where i put my beer bottle. This method is not fast as other methods but It will keep your beer bottle cold for long periods of time. This method is recommended if you don’t have water or any other resources.

5. Wind Method

Wine Bottle in sock

This is the simple and best method that keeps your beer cold for long time. Take a sock and wet them with cool water after that put the beer bottle in a sock just like the above picture and keep them in windy place. Leave it for 10-20 minutes.

Now let’s jump to the advantage and disadvantages of beer.

Advantages Of Beer

Beer will boost your immunity and keep your bones strong. Bones play a very important role in our body, If your bones are strong so they will provide good support to your muscles. Strong bones will also give you good support in performing any social activity, Such as playing games.

1. Protect Your Heart

Protect Your Heart

Nowadays many people depressed from cardiovascular disease, Beer have 14 grams of pure alcohol that’s why drinker have lower chance of cardiovascular disease. According to Italian researchers, drinkers have 40% lower chance of heart disease compared to non-drinkers.

Being a drinker you should care about the amount of beer, If you are a man then you can drink up to 1.4 pints of beer in a day and half of that for women would make your bones strong and beneficial for heart problems. Make sure that don’t drink beer on a daily base give a break of at least 2-3 days.

2. Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Being a drinker you will not have kidney stone problems, Alcohol increases the excretion of calcium that makes your kidney strong. Beer is very useful for preventing kidney stones problem. If you are a non-drinker then don’ ever try beer to flush out kidney stones.

For those people who have nondrinkers and have kidneys problem, Water is the best option to reduce kidneys problem. Drinking water will help you to maintain the balance of body fluids. If you are a man then try to drink 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of water in a day and for women 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) is recommended.

3. Keep Blood Pressure Lower

Blood Pressure

Maybe you have heard from doctors that high blood pressure may cause heart failure, That’s reality. Sometimes you will not feel that you have high blood pressure but if you have a pounding feeling in your head then it’s maybe due to your high blood pressure. Don’t blood pressure too often because you may become worried about small changes in your reading.

Beer can lower the risk of hypertension, but drinking too much beer can increase blood pressure that makes you unhealthy levels. For non-drinkers, lemon water is the best drink for high blood pressure. Having more than 3 drinks at once continuously can increase your blood pressure.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Beer

There are several side effects of drinking beer that cause many problems. If you are drinking any type of alcohol it’s bad for your health. If you are a drinker then it must be your habit to drink daily but you don’t know how it’s affecting your health. Let’s discuss some important side effects of drinking beer that may damage your whole life.

1. Liver Damage

liver damage

Drinking too much beer can cause liver damage. If your liver stops functioning it means that your liver fails you may loose your whole life. You will be in life-threatening conditions for which you need proper treatment in the medical care center. The symptoms of liver failure are nausea, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

The alcohol in the beer is very harmful that can damage your liver. The liver produces bile to help break down and absorb fats. The blood leaving the stomach and intestines that passes through the liver, What do you think if your liver fails will you be able to live life on earth?

2. Immune system

Immune system

The immune system protects your body from outside invaders, It can be bacteria viruses or germs. If your immune system is good then you can defeat against germs. But if you are a beer lover and can’t control your habit to leave drinking then your immune system can’t fight against these viruses.

If your immune system can’t work smoothly then definitely you will notice different bacteria. The symptoms of weak immune system are bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, meningitis. If you feel something like this disease you need to wash your hands frequently with good-quality soap to prevent germs and stay healthy.

3. Circulatory System

Circulatory System

If you have heart disease then you should not drunk beer because it will affect your heart and lungs. Those people who are non-drinkers and have heart problems then you should never start drinking because it may cause death within a short time. If you drink beer every day more then limit then your heart will start irregular heartbeat.

Research suggests, If you drink beer more every day It may increase your risk for atrial fibrillation. Fibrillation is also called AFib which causes blood clots and stroke. The symptoms of Afib disease are shortness of breath and chest pain. Maybe your heart not pumping enough blood to your body according to your needs.

Beer Cans VS Bottles – Which One Is Better And Why 

cans vs bottles beer

It is very difficult to figure out which one is better, But before proceeding to expert opinions let’s remember your childhood. Maybe you have played fight game in your childhood, Most of the Tekken fight game consider winner in round base. Did you play Tekken games with 3 rounds? If you played Tekken round games in your childhood now let’s jump to the bottle vs cans comparison with 5 rounds.

Let’s see who is winner.

Round 1: Portability

If you wanna go to a picnic and want to bring beer with you what do you think you will love to bring a portable can or a heavy bottle? You will definitely choose canned because bottled beer is heavy compared to can. While walking on the hike picnic can beer is easy to bring because it’s less bulky and never fatigues you. People also ask how long can beer last in the fridge if you are in those people then it lasts 6-9 months in the pantry and 6-2 years in the fridge.


Definitely the winner is Cans beer, It’s easy to store and you can put them in a mini-fridge. Cans won’t break if it’s fall by mistake.

Round 2: Protection Of Beer

The ultraviolet rays generated from the light may cause the beer to shunky. But cans have opaque features that have the ability of having light pass. Beer bottles comes in different colors but some beer bottle allow ultraviolet to enter e.g green and blue. To overcome ultraviolet rays problems in beer bottles you need to select darker bottle that block out the rays.


The winner is cans, Because it protects UV rays to pass them in. Beer bottles also protect UV rays but you need to select darker beer bottles.

Round 3: Opening

The cans beer is easy to open compared to beer bottles because we can easily can beer with the nails that every human have. To open a beer bottle you need an opener, Many people open it with their mouth but it may break your teeth so don’t try to open a beer bottle without an opener.


Definitely, the winner is Cans! While listening to the sound of both beer bottles and cans are enjoyable. Do you want to know how much it’s enjoyable? Listen the sound of Cans and Beer bottles.

Round 4: Taste

Many people believe that aluminum cans impact beer flavors, Did you are also in these people?

If yes!

Then it’s just your imagination because Maybe you notice a line in aluminum cans, They are epoxy devices that protect the products inside from dings and corrode the metal. Beers bottle is good and they won’t make taste like metallic. If your beer taste metallic in beer cans then it might be for these reasons.


To pickup the winner in this situation is very difficult because many people believe that beer cans taste is not like metallic and many believe that it’s taste like metallic. So no one is a winner it’s tie, Sometime during the cricket rain started and due to a critical situation empire considered the match tied that’s why I pick up also tied.

Round 5: Environment 

Beer cans are better for the environment due to several reasons. Beer cans are very light and small that is easy to ship everywhere in large quantity. They very slam and the recycling process makes an easy to deals with many areas because we can bring an excessive amount of beer cans easily. The weight of beer bottles are heavy compared to beers cans and it may break in the shipping process.


Off-course the winner is Cans!

The Verdict Of Beer Bottles VS Cans

Definitely, Cans are the winner! Did you want to know why I pick up Cans? I mentioned above five points read it you will also consider Cans as a winner. Whether you want to drink beer in cans or bottles it’s your choice, It’s not necessary to drink beer in cans but it will be better to drink in beer in cans.

Does Beer Go Bad In Fridge Or Expired ( If Not Opened)

It depends on alcohol by volume which is simply defined as how much alcohol is contained in the alcoholic beverage. If you have a beer bottle, cans that contained a low amount of alcohol will not last more then 6 months but if you have been with a high amount of alcohol it will last up to 1-2 years.

We prefer!

If you add an insignificant amount of alcohol, and fewer, calories, It’s clear that adding up to 0.5% ABV is better than high-volume ABV. A low amount of alcohol is beneficial for your health. Don’t store opened beer because carbonation starts evaporating that will make beer flat.

How To Improve the Shelf Life Of Beer

It is very important to improve the shelf life of beer, If you need fresh beer then keep them in the fridge every time.

Do you want to avoid the beer from going bad?

If yes! Then follow these simple points.

  • Always store beer upright.
  • Use the right temperature.
  • Don’t expose the beer to bright light.


The refrigerated beer lasts up to two years.

10 Beer Bottle Life Hacks
You will love these awesome hacks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Faq beer

How do you know when beer goes bad?

First of all you should check out the expiry date, Once your beer is expired then they change taste day by day. Changing the color of beer at the bottom of the bottle is a symptom of expired beer. If beer changes its color then it means it’s gone bad and the taste of the beer will be spoiled.

Can you drink out-of-date beer for 2 years?

Beer is safe to drink whether they are new or 2 years old but the taste of the beer will deteriorate over time. Try to store your beer at cold places to avoid skunking.

How long does an open beer last in the fridge?

Actually, this condition occurs when the drinker opens the beer bottle and then drinks the low quantity of beer that are recommended. The open beer last in the fridge for one day but you can extend the shelf life of open beer by keeping it refrigerated and the bottle head covered tightly.

What are the side effects of drinking expired beer?

Drink expired beer at your own risk, It’s technically safe but its taste will be bad. The expired beer won’t make you sick but a beer that goes bad will change in taste.

What are the Five Interesting facts about Beer?

  1. Beer is the third most popular drink on earth after water and tea.
  2. You can buy a boot of beer that’s the same as your boot but it’s called boot glass.
  3. The pizza beer brewery taste is like pizza, Actually, people eat pizza but the pizza beer brewery feel will be like you are drinking pizza.
  4. Some African people gather around, Add beer from beer bottles in beer pots and drink them with straws.
  5. Ancient Greeks people didn’t drink too much beer they love to drink wine.
What can I do with expired beer?

Actually, If you want to sell expired beer you can sell them at a low price but if you don’t want to sell expired beer you have many options to do but I will recommend trying these four options. You can’t replace expired beer bottles or cans because they are responsible for the expiry date that’s why make sure to drink beer before the expiration date.

Final Thoughts

How long does beer last in the fridge? It was all about that! This article is written on research-based so you won’t be worried about anything as I explain everything in detail it’s 100% correct.

Fresh beer is always good but make sure to prevent beer from their enemy. The enemy of beer is light, heat, oxygen, and time. While oxygen is both a friend and an enemy because oxygen is needed in healthy yeast growth during fermentation.

To keep your beer fresh it doesn’t mean that you need to drink your whole beer bottle once a day. Drinking more beer daily will increase the chance of overall death. If your immune system is weak then it may also cause heart problems.

Always store beer in a cool place with a temperature of approximately 13°C. Make sure to keep your beer away from light. Keep cold your fridge up to 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit to freshen your beer longer. But if you want to freshen your beer stay longer then don’t open the door of your fridge too often.

Being a Muslim it’s my responsibility to be aware that don’t drink beer because it’s forbidden and against law.

Now the choice is yours! If you are a drinker let us know in the comments how much beer you drink daily.

I think now that all your confusion is clear about how long beer last in the fridge but if you still have any queries let us know.

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