Numerology and Personality Traits

Numerology and Personality Traits: What Your Numbers Say About You

Do you actually know yourself? Do you know what your strengths are? Your weaknesses? What personal traits make you different from others? Traits that, if recognized and utilized, can help conquer the world? If not, the study of numerology can help you know the answers to these life-changing questions.

For thousands of decades, numerology has been used by people of different cultures and civilizations to predict the future and make important life decisions. Even today, people consult numerologists, all across the world, to choose their careers, and life partners, and know about their lucky dates and numbers. Even though we can’t be sure about the accuracy of numerology in the predicting future, one area in which it has proved to be true is evaluating a person’s true nature and personality traits.

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Numerology and Personality Traits: What Your Numbers Say About You

Personality forms by a complicated mixture of characteristics that defines a person’s free will and makes him different from others. However, not everyone out there knows about his true self. Some of us are aware of and accept our negative traits whereas some of us don’t even want to embrace our weaknesses which lowers the chances of making corrections.

Likewise, some people are not acknowledged for their extraordinary qualities which can make them excel in a specific field. So, without knowing about those qualities, those people might end up in the wrong fields or have incompatible life partners. In this situation, numerology can help them out. How? Let’s have a look!

  • How does numerology help in evaluating your personality traits?


In numerology, a specific personality number is calculated for every person after calculating his date of birth or birth name. For example, while calculating personality numbers from birth numbers, a numerical value is assigned to each alphabetical letter. Since each numeric value symbolizes a specific set of traits, all the numerical values are added together to decode the meaning of every letter in your name.

The resulting numerical value is your personality number which not only helps you on your journey to self-discovery but also lets you know about people’s opinions and perceptions about you. Not only this but with your personality number, you can also understand why you feel drawn to particular people and identify your areas of growth. This knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses, and interests can prove quite empowering to make beneficial life decisions and live a content life.

In addition, you should invest some time to get know yourself in different ways, such emotional and other type of intelligence as well.

How to calculate your personality number?

Numbers in Numerology

There are multiple web-based personality number calculating tools that you can use to calculate your personality number and know about your personality traits. However, you can calculate this numerology number yourself, without the help of any tool, since there’s no rocket science in it.

The entire process consists of three simple steps such as follows;

  • Write your full name

To calculate your personality number by your name, you first need to write down your full name on paper. Make sure you write the name that is mentioned on your birth certificate. Also, include the middle name, if there’s any.

  • Assign numbers to letters

After writing your full name down, assign a number to each alphabetical letter in order. For example, 1 for A, 2 for B, 3 for C, 4 for D, and so on. So if your name is Bill Gates, the numerical values assigned to each letter will be as follows;

B=15 I=9 L=12 L=12 G=7 A=1 T=20 E=5 S=19

  • Add the numbers

Once assigned numbers to all the letters, add them together and calculate your personality number as follows

15+9+12+12+7+1+20+5+19= 100

1+0+0= 1

Thus, your personality number will be 1.

  • What does your personality number say about you?

As mentioned before, each number in numerology has a specific meaning as each number symbolizes a specific set of traits. Thus, your personality number (from 1-9) can give you a thorough insight into your nature and traits such as follows;

  • Number 1

Number 1 represents independence, original thinking, and self-sufficiency so if your personality number is one, you are someone who loves challenges and isn’t afraid of speaking what’s on your mind. Being an original thinker, you love to do things creatively, and in your own way, and it’s your confidence that draws people’s attention toward you, making you a leader.

  • Number 2

Number 2 represents a considerate and cooperative nature. You are someone who always thinks of others before yourself. Your courteous nature impels you to offer a helping hand to everyone who needs it and that’s what makes you popular and lovable in your circle. Due to your kind and considerate nature, people feel safe around you.

  • Number 3

Number 3 represents expressive and creative nature. You have almost all the traits which are found in artists and it’s your knack for self-expression and art which makes you a center of attraction. Your strong sense of imagination makes you a good story writer and a fun-to-be-around person as you can see and perceive things that others couldn’t.

  • Number 4

Number 4 represents analytical and logical thinking. Unlike an emotionally driven person, you take your time to process things and act logically rather than emotionally. Your analytical nature craves order and that’s why you want to have everything around you perfectly organized and in perfect order. Due to your calculated decisions, people find you trustworthy and reliable.

  • Number 5

Number 5 represents adaptable and flexible nature which means you can adjust to different environments, among different people. In fact, people who have 5 as their personality number hate routines and find similar patterns boring. On the other side, exciting and spontaneous events are what fascinate you the most.

  • Number 6

Number 6 represents caring and compassionate nature and like number 3, these people put others before themselves. They always stand against injustice and try to make things easier and more comfortable for others. Also, your positive personality impels you to see only the positive in others and love them unconditionally.

  • Number 7

Number 7 represents introspective and intuitive nature. Even though you are an introvert, you have great insight and intellect to find the best solution to a problem. The word, socially selective will suit you more as you love to be around people who match your vibes instead of staying isolated from everyone around. In other words, you know how to maintain your independence and me-time without cutting people off completely.

  • Number 8

Number 8 represents ambitious and visionary nature. With their bravery and risk-taking personality, they can easily jump into areas where others feel afraid to walk in. Also, these people can deal with the world most appropriately and strongly and have the utmost control over things like emotional attachments.

  • Number 9

Number 9 represents humanitarian and idealistic nature. You are someone who hates to brag or show off. Your loving and compassionate personalities shower love and kindness on everyone around you without any discrimination.

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