Susan Houston


Susan Houston

Susan Houston

Susan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified through the National Certifying Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCBTMB). She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Eagle Gate College in Layton Utah in December 2011.

Her passion for massage began as a desire to help her husband with chronic pain attributed to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. As a career, she wants to help others who suffer from pain from both injury and chronic conditions.

Her experience includes Sports Massage for both professional and amateur athletes, Injury Massage including post-surgical treatments, Deep Tissue, Cupping therapy, Trigger Point and other modalities that have contributed to her becoming a well-rounded massage therapist. Susan is a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist. This certification is for Posture and Pain and incorporates Deep Tissue, Joint Stretching and Myofacial Mobilization Techniques to help alleviate pain due to chronic conditions and postural deviations.

She is passionate about massage and believes it can help anyone lead a happier and healthier life:

For Appointments: Call or Text 801-643-9369, or email [email protected]

“Susan has been a great addition to the Fischer Institute team! In all my years of working in the health field she is by far one of the top massage therapists I have ever worked with. Her unique ability to provide the client with specific techniques and adjust accordingly makes her so valuable. She tailor makes all of her sessions according to the patient’s needs and goals. In fact, she was an instrumental component in my rehabilitation of my recent knee surgery!”

Brett Fischer, PT, ATC, CSCS, CertDN

“Susan Houston, I like to call her H-Town, is someone that I can always count of for great soft tissue work. I’ve worked with her since 2015 and still do today. She is guaranteed to make your grumpy muscles smile again.”

Sean Weatherspoon, Professional Football player in the NFL


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