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Can You Freeze Hawaiian Rolls? – Soft & Sweet Dough

Can you freeze Hawaiian rolls? Before I jump to the freezing, I want to tell you about Hawaiian rolls.

As we all know, the Hawaiian roll, also known as a “submarine,” “hoagie roll,” or simply a “bread cone,” is a beloved invention that was established in the 20th century and has remained popular ever since.

Although there are various uses for Hawaiian bread, sandwiches are probably its most popular application.

The Hawaiian roll, or should I say the normal roll, is a mainstay in the diets of Americans and Australians.

The Hawaiian roll can be used to produce a variety of dishes, including chicken sandwiches, BLTs, ham and cheese sandwiches, and numerous other abominations.

The Hawaiian roll can also be used as a bowl to store snacks like chips and dipping sauce.

It has numerous applications and is incredibly adaptable.

Let’s continue the Hawaiian Roll customs by handing them down from generation to generation to ensure that they are never lost.

The rolls are similar to Portuguese bread which is made from wheat flour. Thanks to the pineapple juice and brown sugar used in the production of these rolls.

  • Origin: The Hawaiian rolls originated from Portugal.
  • Found By: Robert Taira founds the Hawaiian rolls in Hilo in the 1950s.

Can You Freeze Hawaiian Rolls

Can You Freeze Hawaiian Rolls

Yes, you can freeze Hawaiian rolls but before freezing the buns, make sure they are not spoiled. If you have homemade rolls or Hawaiian rolls, it would be better to wrap them properly before freezing.

To wrap the bread, follow these instructions.

  1. Place the bread in the center of the parchment paper.
  2. Wrap it around the bread tightly.
  3. Label the parchment paper.

You can also place the roll in the freezer-safe bag or wrap it with plastic freezer wrap. The plastic freezer is used to seal and save food in an airtight container that helps you to keep your good fresh.


You can freeze Hawaiian rolls, but if you want the better taste to enjoy your lunch and dinner, it would be better to consume them as soon as possible.

Does Freezing Affect Hawaiian Rolls?

Does Freezing Affect Hawaiian Rolls

Hawaiian bread is tender and delicious.

These sandwiches are special to you and your loved ones for a leisurely dinner at home or to bring along on picnics because of the mix of soft, warm bread and fresh ingredients like ham, pineapple, lettuce, and mayo.

Crusts or crumbs on the outside of bread goods may become chewier after freezing.

Internal air bubbles that give bread goods their volume and texture can be preserved by freezing.

During a period of freezing, the finished bread product could have a distinct texture because the chemical composition of yeast doughs varies over time.

Products made from frozen bread should be refrigerated overnight to thaw completely before serving or eaten right away to maintain their original texture.

Bread should be kept dry when being stored.

It is best to store items in airtight bags because exposing them to air can lead to condensation on the outside of your container from moisture that has accumulated from the product or the environment.

Since that frozen bread isn’t made to store moisture well, doing this will encourage the formation of mold on any bread goods that may have started to thaw.

Hawaiian rolls can be frozen for only two to three months before they should be thrown due to the texture changes in the bread product and the inability to keep moisture.

If done correctly and eaten right away after thawing, Hawaiian rolls won’t be impacted by freezing.

How Long Will Hawaiian Rolls Last

How Long Will Hawaiian Rolls Last

Hawaiian RollsRoom Temperature FridgeFreezer
Hawaiian Rolls Lasts2-3 Days2 Weeks6 Months

Hawaiians Rolls At Room Temperature:

The Hawaiians roll lasts 2-3 days at room temperature if you want to keep them longer, so it would be better to place them in the fridge.

Hawaiians Rolls In The Fridge:

The Hawaiian roll lasts for two weeks in the fridge. If you want to keep them more longer, then the best way is to freeze them.

Hawaiians Rolls In The Freezer:

Many people think while freezing Hawaiian rolls change, it may change their taste. But it’s just your imagination. The quality will remain the same. When you freeze Hawaiian rolls, it will last about six months.


It’s recommended to Keep your Hawaiian rolls in the freezer at 0°F so they will last indefinitely.

How Do You Unfreeze Hawaiian Rolls

If you want to unfreeze your dinner rolls, then follow these instructions.

  • First of all, you need to remove the rolls from the fridge. It would be better to consume your rolls today, so remove it from the refrigerator before a day.
  • Take out the rolls from the freezer-safe bag that is wrapped in the paper. Thaw your rolls at room temperature overnight.
  • If you want to thaw your rolls quickly, then cover the rolls with the paper towels, make sure the rolls are covered completely.
  • Microwave it and check it out after every 1-2 minutes. Here are the instructions on how many times rolls take in deforesting in the oven.

Before we continue be sure to watch this video for tips on proofing levels:

Single Dinner Rolls:

If you have a single dinner roll so it will be deforested in 2 minutes.

Single Small Baguette Roll:

If you have a single small baguette dinner roll so it will be deforested in 2 ½ minutes.

Single Large Baguette Rolls:

If you have a single large baguette dinner roll so it will be deforested in 4 minutes.

Here is how can you make homemade Hawaiian bread rolls.


You can thaw rolls overnight, but if you can’t wait to deforest your rolls overnight, then go for the microwave.

Do Hawaiian Rolls Go Bad

Yes, Hawaiian rolls go bad if you are keeping them at room temperature, so it will go bad very quickly because, at room temperature, bacteria will spread quickly on the rolls.

You can keep your Hawaiian rolls fresh for two weeks in the fridge and six months in the freezer.


Consume your Hawaiian rolls before going bad. For better taste, consume them as soon as possible.

How To Tell If Hawaiian Rolls Are Bad

How To Tell If Hawaiian Rolls Are Bad

When it comes to the Hawaiian rolls being bad, so there are few signs you need to check out before eating bread.

  • Mold: If you saw any mold in the bread, it means it’s spoiled you should throw them away. 
  • Color: Any black, green, white, and blue spots in the bread are the signs of rotten bread. If you saw any changes in bread color, discard it.
  • Smell: While buying bread from the store, smell it. If you feel any bad smell, don’t buy it. You can also recognize homemade rolls from the smell.


Mold, bad smell, and color change are the signs of spoiled bread.

How Long Can The Frozen Hawaiian Rolls Remain Fresh And Fluffy?

If you follow the recommended freezing process, the Hawaiian rolls will stay fresh for three months. While Hawaiian rolls can be frozen for up to three months before going bad, it is not advised.

Related Questions

1. How do you cook frozen Hawaiian rolls?

You can cook frozen Hawaiian rolls easily by following the simple steps.

  • Take your frozen rolls and place them on the baking sheet on the middle rack of the oven.
  • Preheat the oven at 350 F and leave them in the oven for 5-10 minutes until the brown color occurred at the bottom and top.

2. Do you need to bake Hawaiian rolls?

You don’t need to bake Hawaiian rolls because they are already soft and easily pulled apart. You can directly eat them once you take it out from the package.

3. Is there honey in Hawaiian sweet rolls?

Those Hawaiian rolls are sweet, so they have honey, pineapple juice, vanilla, and different other ingredients. That’s why their flavor is slightly tangy.

4. How big are King’s Hawaiian rolls?

These are the featured of Hawaiian rolls, so you can take an idea from it that how big they are.

FeaturesUnique flavor and moist texture
FlavorOriginal Sweet Hawaiian
TypeDinner, Lunch
Container Type Bag
Dimensions 13.00 x 9.20 x 2.50 Inches

5. Where can I buy King’s Hawaiian rolls?

You can buy Hawaiian rolls offline at the grocery store or bakery and online as well.

Final Thoughts

Hawaiian rolls freeze well but don’t refreeze it again and again because it may change the taste and texture.

Don’t keep the Hawaiian rolls at room temperature. It will go bad very quickly at room temperature. The best way to keep your bread fresh is to freeze them.

Deforesting Hawaiian rolls is very easy. You can thaw it overnight or using a microwave. If you can’t wait overnight, go for the microwave method.

Consume your Hawaiian rolls before going bad.

Do you love to drink beer or jack daniels after eating Hawaiian rolls? 

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